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 Psychic Invisibility

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PostSubject: Psychic Invisibility   Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:35 pm

This could be considered a form of mass hypnosis. The psychic broadcasts to everyone nearby the simply subconscious command ‘don’t notice me’. This effect does not extend to electronic or other recording media, however anyone watching through a lens or a camera or CCTV screen will not notice either. Typically the roll for this talent determines the strength of the concealment. With only one success the character is still noticeable but people tend to avert their eyes or have trouble focusing on him. With three or more successes, the psychic is completely unnoticed by most onlookers. This is not true invisibility and even thought a person may not be able to see the psychic they cannot see what the psychic is standing in front of, thus if the person is expecting to see something they that might figure something is wrong and eventual might figure things out. Animals minds work differently and as such are unaffected by Psychic Invisibility, unless the psychic is also an Animal Psychic

Roll: Wits + Stealth


The psychic’s ‘don’t notice me broadcast’ keeps him from being seen so long as he remains completely still. Under normal circumstances, no roll is required. However if someone is searching the area where the psychic is hiding he rolls Perp + stealth diff 6. If he succeeds and the target has no special senses the psychic remains invisible. If the psychic moves, speaks or does anything to give away his position, the effect is broken.

**Slow Movement

The psychic has enough control of his growing talent to attempt to move while maintaining the invisibility effect. Maintaining the effect counts as an action in terms of splitting dice pools. He also cannot do things that would draw attention to him without losing the effects of the power. They psychic could walk across a room, but he couldn’t punch someone. The act of interacting with the rest of the world cancels the effect. To avoid the notice of people searching the area, the psychic’s player rolls a contested roll Wits + Stealth diff 6 versus the targets Perc + alertness diff 6. Ties go in favor of the psychic. If the target accumulates more successes than the psychic they know vaguely where the psychic is by noticing the absence of perception in that area (something is funny in that corner) but they still cannot directly see the psychic.


The psychic’s ability to now walk about unnoticed is such that he can walk around and behave normally. He can even perform actions that would normally draw attention to him. The only limitation to the power is that he cannot vanish from view while being observed. However he could create some sort of distraction that would draw another’s eyes away momentarily giving him that split second needed to vanish. People with mundane perceptions searching for the invisible psychic must roll Perc + alertness diff 9 opposed by a Wits + stealth dc 6 roll on behalf of the psychic. Those with Supernatural perceptions can attempt to use them thought the power is again resisted by a wits + stealth roll diff 8.

****Selective Invisibility

The psychic now has enough control of his talent to allow select others to see him while invisible. The character is invisible as in the previous level of the power. However if the player succeeds on a wits + empathy roll diff 7 the psychic can selectively allow one person per success rolled to perceive him while the rest of the world ignores his presence.

*****Forget You Ever Saw Me

The psychic’s talent is now powerful enough to vanish while in plain sight, and also cause those who did see him to forget the psychic was there in the first place. The psychic rolls wits + stealth (diff 7) opposed by the highest perc + alertness (diff 7) total in the group. A tie goes to the observers, who continue to see the psychic. If the psychic scores a singer net success, he vanishes from view. If he scores 3 or more successes he vanishes from view and the people who had seen him forget his presence for one previous turn for every two successes scored, if effect loosing track of the psychic’s location completely.
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Psychic Invisibility
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