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 Psychic: Synergy

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One of the rarest psychic abilities is the talent of psychic Synergy. Two or more psychics combine their abilities, giving combined psychic gestalt more power than the psychics using their talents individually. The synergist can link together twice as many psychics in mental meta concert as he has dots in Synergy. The combined psychics must be touching each other to form the link. Successes on a Synergy roll determine how many additional people may be linked in a psychic task. Botches tend to cause psychic feedback headaches, capillary bursting and the like. Sometimes psychic powers may activate uncontrollably in such situations (imagine a reflexive blast of Pyrokinesis as the psychic's subconscious defends against a botched Synergy!)

Roll: Perception + Awareness

* Psychic Sense

The psychic has the ability to sense other psychics. This sense triggers automatically when the psychic touches another psychic, or she can concentrate and use it to sense other psychics in her line of sight. Roll Perception + Awareness (difficulty 6). With more than 3 successes, the psychic also has a sense of the strength of the psychic and the nature of his powers. This does not detect mages with the Mind Sphere or other supernatural creatures who possess mental powers.

** Share Will

At this level, the psychic can form basic psychic links. By acting together, a group can use any psychic power of any participant. The player with the Synergy psychic character rolls the other psychic ability as normal. However, the other members of the gestalt can each spend a point of their Willpower to boost the effectiveness of the talent. The gestalt can only generate one shared effect at a time. If the gestalt is using some sensory power (Telepathy, Clairvoyance, etc.), the entire group receives the result of the power.

*** Share Powers

The psychic gestalt now allows the group mind to use multiple powers at once. in addition to sharing Willpower each member of the group can donate any two of the following to the effects: A power, an Attribute and Ability. Each member of the group can spend one point of Willpower for an extra success, though they can only spend one point of Willpower a round.

Example: Andrew (from the previous example, who also has Meditation 4) is travelling with Michael (who has Meditation 3 and Mind Shields 4) and Mira (who has Psychokinesis 3 and Wits 4). They are attacked by a vampire who attempts to entrance the groups. Andrew forms the gestalt. Michael donates his Mind Shields to the group. Mira donates her Psychokinesis ability and her Wits. Andrew adds his Meditation to the group. Now all of them have the Mind Shields of 4 protecting them and can resist the vampire with a Wits + Meditation pool of 8 dice.

**** Power Gestalt

Not only may the group use multiple powers at once, they can combine powers. Each member combines powers as before, but they can now combine two or more powers into a single, shared power. For example, allowing them to view a person by clairvoyance and read the subjects mind at the same time.

***** Pure Synargy
The Synergist anchoring the Gestalt together has reached such a level or awareness that they are capable of reaching out to other creatures. The Synergist now has ability to touch and borrow Attributes Abilities of anyone they physically touch. The Synergist if aware of the nature of the creature can temporarily use their supernatural ability up to and including level 3.  To do so comes at a cost. If something supernatural is borrowed the cost comes at a price. The Flaw of the creature. With a Vampire their clan flaw will be taken on for the durations of the effect. A Werewolf.. their rage. A botch while attempting this will be disastrous.

*1 Successes  - one turn
*2 Successes - one hour
*3 Successes - one day
*4 Successes - one month
*5 Successes - one year

****** Total Synergy
The anchor of the Gestalt had reached truly terrifying power. She now has complete control of her Gestalt. Able to take what ever she wants from them, when ever she wants. Willpower, Attributes, Abilities or powers with or with out their consent. If she truly desires she can remove it from them Permanently. The time duration has no limits if something is taken from another creature, this however means their flaw is in effect until the Synergist chooses to end it. This power is highly addictive. With each power removed in this fashion a derangement is gained. Not forgetting social standing if it was known. The Synergist however can not permanently remove a power or abilities from one psychic.
*5 Successes - one year
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Psychic: Synergy
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