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 Psychic: Anti Psychic

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PostSubject: Psychic: Anti Psychic   Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:56 pm

Anti-Psi is a a very rare psychic talent which cancels out the Psychic Phenomena of others. But does not, for some reason effect the Disciplines of Kindred, the Gifts of Garou, Wraiths, Changelings or other Supernatural abilities. Psychics with Anti-Psi may not possess any other Psychic Phenomena.

Psychics with this ability can broadcast loud, psychic static which interferes with other psychic activity in the area. This Phenomena can never be completely turned off and broadcasts at the Basic level, even when the psychic is asleep. With o roll of Intelligence and Meditation (Diff 7) the psychic may dampen his aura down one level per succ, or with ST discretion the Psychic can spend a Willpower point to suppress it or concentrate it on a single opponent. The Psychic must however be aware of this talent before being able to control it like this. The stronger the psychic the more powerful and larger range is a circle around the psychic, the difficulty of using psyching powers are increased by the level of the Anti Psychic.


5 yard Radius around the psychic


10 yard Radius around the psychic


15 yard Radius around the psychic


20 yard Radius around the psychic


25 yard Radius around the psychic
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Psychic: Anti Psychic
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