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 Psychic: Telepathy

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Telepathy is the ability to read minds. The power is rarely so simple as reading text from a book, rather a telepathy senses impressions of consciousness, motives and eventually the sort of inner monologue or impulse that often drive a subject. Successes scored on telepathy generally determine the duration and accuracy. With one success a psychic can grab a few words or impressions that relate in some way to an interesting topic. With three successes the character can easily read a good several turns of useful information and at five or more successes, the character could cast about for specific thoughts or memories. The difficulty is subjects willpower. A victim can generally spend a willpower point to negate a telepathic compulsion.

Roll: Intelligence + Empathy


At this level the telegraph can feel basic emotions and sense the current mood of the target. The telepath may be able to send a simple impulse or rudimentary thought to the target. A target could be induced to twitch or make a simple or habitual gesture.


The character can now read the surface thoughts of people, generally what they’re thinking about at that moment. The telepath can project a single word or simple idea to a person or cause the subject to make one short motion.


The character can read recent memories or plans for the near future from people’s minds. At this level, the telepath can send full sentences, strong, complex emotions or even streams of memory, with enough successes; a telepath might be able to implant false memory. The subject might be forced to believe false input form his senses or caused to take on unnatural action in a turn (like dropping a weapon or ducking for cover instead of running away).


The character can read deep thoughts and distant future plans. The amount of information he gets depends on the number of successes. Similarly, the psychic can send several sentences of information, implant memories, cover p a memory or even temporarily seize control of the subject’s body for turn.


The character can discover the deepest secrets of people, even things unknown to the target or repressed by him. So long as the telepath can somehow sense the target he can send his thoughts with complete clarity. With enough successes, the telepath can seize control of the victim completely dominating his senses or his physical actions, rewriting memories, altering personality and the like.
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Psychic: Telepathy
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