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 Psychic: Channeling

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PostSubject: Psychic: Channeling   Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:50 pm

Some psychics have the ability to draw upon the knowledge of those who have passed on. Channelers tap the knowledge and experience of the dead briefly obtaining skills that they personally lack. Some psychics have a repertoire of spirits they can call on for help and assistance. Others claim that they tap the collective unconscious.

While the source of knowledge varies, the effects remain the same. The player rolls the channeling pool (diff 7) every success gices the character one dot of the talent, skill or knowledge desired for the remainder of the scene. On a both the channeler has opened herself up too widely to the spirit planes, she may summon a malevolent entity that tires to control her actions, lose some of her usual abilities as her personality is lost in the influx of simply find herself unable to reach her usual channeling talents for a day, sometimes more.

Note that only one personality may be channeled at a time. Thus, a channeler cannot stack additional dots by channeling multiple personalities at a time.

Roll: Perception + Awareness


The character can channel once per day. She has a vague sense of other personalities floating about and of the existence of some sort of consciousness beyond the body, but that’s about all.


The character can channel two times per-day. She also can, against a difficulty equal to the gauntlet, see briefly in the Shadowlands where ghosts live. She can communicate with ghosts for one minute per success rolled.


The character can channel three times per day. She can also see into the Shadowlands for and entire scene by rolling against the difficulty of the Gauntlet.


At this level and beyond there is no limit to how often the character can channel, though the difficulty increases by one for each time after the third until the character sleeps. She also can let ghosts skilled in the arts of possession easily enter her body to use all her skills. The medium retains full awareness of the wraith’s actions. She can also eject a possessing wraith by winning a contest of willpower against the ghost in question each attempt costs one willpower point and takes a full turn of struggling.


The psychic can now channel two separate personalities at once (And thus the player can roll channeling twice and add to determine Ability dots gained.). There is no limit to how often the character can channel, though the difficulty increases by one for each time after the third until the character sleeps. When possessed by a ghost, the channeler often gains some memories from the ghost, beyond what the possessor might do or tell. While a weaker channeler might hope that the ghost says or does something significant, the master channeler can access some of the ghost’s own memories and passions. ( In game terms the player gains a sense of the ghost’s nature, demeanor, and driving concerns.)
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Psychic: Channeling
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