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 Psychic: Pyrokinesis

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PostSubject: Psychic: Pyrokinesis   Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:28 pm

Quite simply the ability to start fires with ones mind. Pyros are not immune to their own flames and burn as easily as anyone else. Botches with Pyrokinesis tend to be singularly spectacular, as the psychic self immolates or sends flame shooting wildly about.

Roll: Manipulation + Meditation


The psychic can produce tiny sparks of flame, generally only enough to light highly flammable items (paper, dry wood, gasoline, ect. These sparks of flame tend to come from the psychic’s fingers, though some pyros create the sparks in different manners. The sparks light anything the psychic could physically reach, though they do not actually have to touch the flammable objects. The sparks are not hot enough to seriously burn people. If the pyro wishes to startle someone with a spark the player rolls Dexterity + Athletics (diff 6) to fling the sparks at the target. The target must in hand to hand combat range. This effect can be dodged by a Dex + dodge (diff 6) roll. If the pyro hits the target, the targets player rolls willpower (diff 6) or else the victim loses his next action from the surprise. The target can spend a willpower point to avoid this reflexive aversion to being burned.


By concentrating, the pyro causes flammable materials to burst into flame. The psychic can affect anything within a short range (less than 10 yards) though some materials are easier to ignite than others. The difficulty is as below. 4 – Very easily lit materials (paper, gasoline, vampires)

6 – Flammable objects that normally require minor assistance to light (wood, charcoal)

8 – Objects that do burn with the aid of accelerants (clothing)

9 – Materials that do burn, eventually (people)

Once ignited, items continue to burn naturally. The fire created is as big as a torch, though it could easily spread with the proper materials around. If the psychic tries to light a person on fire the target may dodge the effect by rolling Dex + Dodge (diff 6).


The pyros control of flames has expanded. Now he can create small bursts of flame out of thin air. Psychic researches believe that these bursts are made up of super excited air molecules. Tiny amounts of the air molecules become plasma, which will ignite just about anything that can burn, and create bonfire-sized fires. The psychic can create these plasma bursts at a range up to willpower x 10 yards away. To create the plasma roll Manipulation + Meditation (diff Cool . Target rolls Dex + Dodge (diff 7) to dodge the fire bursts. The bursts do two health levels of aggravated damage per turns. (difficulty 8 to soak for those with some sort of supernatural resilience).


The pyro can now not only create fire, but can control the path and shape of the fire. The difficulty depends on the side of the flame (4 for torch, 6 for bonfire, 8 for inferno), modified by the complexity of the actions attempted (0 to shift direction, +1 to create gaps or spread an existing fire, +3 to diminish fire) Roll Manipulation + Meditation. This can also be used to create shapes in the flames. (diff 5 for simple up to 9 for very complex shapes)


The pyro has immense and exacting control over all forms of flame. He can create large fires at a distance. The fires appear up to willpower x 15 yards away. The player rolls Manipulation + Meditation (diff Cool . With one success he creates a small fire in the target area. With two successes, the fire is the size of a bonfire, and with three successes, the fire fills up a large room. Everything in the area must soak the damage. People on the edge of the effect can dive out of the fire. Roll Dexterity + Athletics (diff 6) to escape the flames. Every additional success after the third increases the heat of the fire by one category. The inferno spreads rapidly, consuming as much as it can before being extinguished.
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Psychic: Pyrokinesis
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