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 The Traditions of the New Camarilla and Common Social Views

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PostSubject: The Traditions of the New Camarilla and Common Social Views   Mon Jan 27, 2014 3:20 am

The First and Only Tradition: The Masquerade.
The Masquerade is at the heart of very Kindreds existence. The fact that vampires are real must be hidden from mortal eyes. Violations of this Tradition are usually punishable by death, if not worse. Every Kindred is supposed to be on watch for violations of the Masquerade, and to stop any breach he or she might come across. Failure to halt a violation of the Masquerade, or to report such to the appropriate authorities. The First Tradition remains inviolable with the dangers set upon all in this dangerous new world.

Social Graces.
The Domain
The meaning of this Tradition has changed in these future nights. Once Domain meant holdings, pure and simple. Now its returned to old school ways , Territories. Now that Kindred in the nights are so scarce, each theoretically could claim an area as his or her own.. if they have the power keep it. In theory, the Elder holds Domain over his territory. He then has the option of parceling out areas of control to be held by the Kindred of his choice. These smaller areas are a combination of fiefdom and controlled hunting preserve for the vampires strong enough to receive them. Of course, these Kindred are also responsible for enforcing their  laws, so domain comes with responsibility as well as authority. This law is mostly habit of old. The New Camarilla are not strong enough to police this even if most elders would listen to them.

The Progeny
The population is destroyed. There is no reason to hold back. However even though mass embrace is still a social Taboo only the stupid would try it now. Vampires do not have the numbers to stop a offended Mage or Werewolf. Though the New Camarilla are picky its more down to personal choice and risk.

The Accounting
You reap what you sow. Piss on the wrong doorstep and it will be them not some Prince with power that will squish you. Again social gains and personal taste govern this now.

Predators are always very polite with one another. Social graces keep them from tearing each other apart, and allow them to establish relationships other than kill-or-be-killed. This was once a Tradition allows Kindred to move in one anothers territory without immediately coming into conflict. Now its just polite.

This is a world of kill or be killed. Flaunt it and you wont last long. The New Camarilla try to Police this. Its an uphill battle. They do not have full domain and probably never will.
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The Traditions of the New Camarilla and Common Social Views
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