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 The New Camarilla: New Babylon

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PostSubject: The New Camarilla: New Babylon   Sun Jul 21, 2013 5:44 am

The new political order.
This handful of struggling idealists is no where near as strong as either the Camarilla or the Sabbat was at any stage in their development, but are scrambling to evolve past those old ideals. They have merged small parts of  both the Sabbat and the Camarilla political views in a hope that past mistakes would not be repeated. Change is vital to all social systems, therefore, many younger New Camarilla fear what few elders of their kind are left. This is not because they think elders pose a direct threat, but because elders are the most stagnant members of their race, the least capable of hearing or accepting new ideas. For this reason, many sub-movements of this cause have some strict policies about who can and can't join, as they fear their dreams might become the target of some elder's crusade.

For the most part, they're right. Most elder vampires have little to no interest in seeing a bunch of neonates summarily rearrange the power structure that lasted for centuries, and in so doing strip elders of their patiently cultivated power and influence. Vampires are nasty, predatory creatures who only grow nastier and more predatory with age, and few elders appreciate this latest "fad". Some however see it as an opportunity to seed and grow.. then bend it to their will.  As a result, this Movement has become a point of interest for powerful elders who managed to survive, as few as there are, now that enough time has passed and their wounds have been adequately licked. Others barely tolerate them as whelps who through around the name Camarilla, having forgotten there is no point to it all. The New Camarilla have begun to show some marked gains simply by remaining patient and playing the game as it must be played. Their notions aren't loved by everyone, but what they  lack in wisdom and support, they tend to make up for in passion and unity (though they, too, indulge in their fair share of fractiousness and infighting). Or this is how the ideal began. Going around like petty gang thugs they end up intimidating their views on the weak instead or brutalizing them. Missing the mark before it really began. Lost to the promise of power like the factions before them.

Power To The People: The first and most important tenet of the cause is that any model of government that works for mortals is applicable to Kindred. Democracy in particular is the cornerstone of their thinking, because it gives each individual a say in the affairs and administration of the people as a whole. Socialism is a popular model, too. Due to the relatively small scale of vampire society, many consider socialism more feasible for Kindred to adopt than it might be for mortals. They understand vampiric nature, perhaps all too well, and know that even when they "succeed," the result is often little more than the undead equivalent of a labor union, and such artificial contrivances are inherently dangerous to Kindred society.

Change Is Necessary: If part of the curse of undeath is stagnation and stasis, then the Kindred must be willing to change and adapt to the times if they are to endure. Dismissing new ideas out of hand simply because they are not what has been done before is the folly of ignorance, and such folly drives the New Camarilla to bloody tears.

Prince: The Kindred in charge of much of the night-to-night running of the New Camarilla operations in a given city is known as the Prefect. In most every case, the Prince is elected by a majority of other Camarilla's, with the exception of any active Sheriff, who traditionally abstains from such voting. The Prince is at once the spokesperson for the Movement in his domain, the "chair" and organizer of events, and the one responsible for making sure that no single faction member's actions jeopardize the others. The Prince must therefore have some public relations savvy, as it is to him that the Prince inevitably turns when one is suspected of some wrongdoing. While the Prince carries considerable sway among his confederates, he is not their leader in either name or truth, and most prefer the relationship that way.

Primogen More than just a rubber stamp for the Prince. The Primogen deal with the state of affairs of their respected clans. Or that is how it will go when they have more members. Right now in this low population there are only two Primogen who handle the PR work between the everyman and the Prince.  

Sheriff The one who deals the hard blows carrying out the orders of the Prince. The Myrmidon makes sure laws are followed, respect is given and in some cases punishes. The office usually calls for a wide net to observe local threats and respond accordingly. The New Camarilla is not a warmongering society but in order for it to succeed they need to be able to protect themselves. As they follow orders first they are often referred to as a drone.
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The New Camarilla: New Babylon
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