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A Fallen's rank among other Fallen. The Eminence background at creation, is a 1 through 5 level that reflects the Elohim's role before being cast to the Abyss. In an online environment, it would be gross game imbalance if a ruling Duke of the Ebon Legion were to suddenly appear, so it is an unspoken tradition that players take for themselves modest roles in the war before, while the likes of Madisel and Lucifer remain elusive NPC's.

In order to achieve this; once characters are sanctioned, the Eminence score will be reflected in a level from one to ten. Characters will still be sanctioned at a level from one to five, dependent on the background and concept. The post creation level will be there should any characters seek to increase their Infernal standing. This will not be easy, this will not be a system mechanic. Each case will be measured based on a IC standing, achievements, respect and acknowledgement of their peers. It is incredibly unlikely that player characters will ascend to the higher levels of Eminence, however it should be remembered that Demon is a game of titans, and there are many in the higher echelons of the damned, yet to be free.

As stated before, the system is not absolute. Some titles will be reflected across different levels of Eminence and as always among the fallen: titles are empty things without the power to support them.

Finally, eminence is not intended to be a popularity contest. Eminence is a reflection of a fallen's standing amongst their peers. One might believe an Elohim is arrogant, bitter or cruel. however it is their reputation among the fallen as one of power and control and strength that Eminence reflects.

Demon eminence and status

The Track will be as follows:
* Page - Courtier - Recognised Paramour - Retainer
** Squire - Reeve - Landsgrave - Sergeant-at-Arms - Ritter - Thane (to one of higher status/eminence)
*** Lord/Lady - Fell Knight - Margrave/Margravine - Marshal - Thane (to one of higher status/eminence)
**** Knight Protector - Lord Marshal/Lady Marshal - Baron/Baroness -
***** Viscount/Viscountess - Chevalier - Earl/Countessa - Duke/Duchess

****** * Count/Countess - Comte/Comtesse - Knight Commander - Marquis/Marquess
******** * Archduke/ArchDuchess - Lord Palatine/Lady Palatine
**********Lucifer: The Morningstar - Archangel.

Raising Eminence
Raises to eminence will involve the following procedure:

1) Claim achievements, respect and acknowledgement of their peers from the list below to the total of equal to double the existing rating (eg. Moving from Eminence 2 to 3 would require 4 IC Achievement points).

2) Gain a number of IC sponsors equal to double the existing rating. (eg. Moving from Eminence 2 to 3 would require 4 IC sponsors). This is to reflect the validation of the society standing that your character claims.

3) Post the request to the Demon team as follows: Eminence sought, Sponsors (both IC names and Forum handle) and dot pointed IC eminence achievements with a description of each.

4) The request will be evaluated by the Demon HST. If the attempted raise is successful the player will have the option of spending experience points to raise their eminence and change their title.

Eminence Achievement List

Defeating an equal enemy in combat (1)

Defeating a significantly more powerful enemy in combat (2)

Rendering and winning a public duel with another Elohim (1)

Being instrumental in rescue/aid an Elohim of high eminence (1)

Using one's influences to successfully cow/attack an opponent (1)

Taking on two or more Retainers/Thanes to service (1)

Winning a significant social challenge (1)

Taking service as Retainer/Thane/Fell Knight to an Elohim of higher eminence (1)

Publicly shaming an opponent without recourse (1)

Gaining a significant court position (1)

Distinguishing oneself in court such that it has wider society impact (1)

Being instrumental in the social (etiquette) rescue/aid an Elohim of high eminence (1)

Achieving minor/intermediate faction goals (to the benefit of your faction) (1)

Achieving major faction goals (to the benefit of your faction) (1)

Lowering Eminence
Just as eminence can be raised so it can be lowered. To make an ‘eminence attack’ on another pc simply follow the same guidelines as you would for raising your own eminence. Illustrate how they have failed in the ‘Sins of Eminence List’ (for example being defeated in a social combat etc) and acquire a number of ‘sponsors’ for your cause equal to twice the characters current eminence (for example if making an eminence attack on an eminence 2 demon you would need a total of 4 people supporting that action; yourself and another three pc’s and need 4 points from the 'Sins of Eminence List'). Once the HST has evaluated the attack, if approved the targeted demon will lose one dot of eminence with no xp compensation. The HST will make a public IC post to this reflect this drop in standing. Please keep in mind that a demons eminence rating is their public standing in the infernal community, if your character is attacking this they are doing so publically and will be known to be attacking the demons standing (this needs to be reflected IC).

Sins of Eminence List

Being defeated by an equal in combat (1)
Being defeated by a lesser in combat (2)
Losing a public duel with another Elohim (1)
Failing to rescue a direct superior (2)
Being successfully attacked/cowed by an opponents use of influence/allies/contacts (1)
Demonstrating disloyalty to friends/allies (1)
Demonstrating disloyalty to those of higher standing (2)
Being publicly shamed (2)
Losing a significant social challenge to an equal (1)
Losing a significant social challenge to another of lesser standing (2)
Losing the service of a retainer/thane (1)
Losing a significant court position (1)
Acting in a way that weakens the position of your faction (1)
Earning infamy within the wider society through rash or foolish actions (1)
Failing to secure the support of lessors when making leadership decisions (1)
Earning the disdain of peers rather than respect/infamy through personal misconduct/arrogance. (1)
Teaching a house lore to one outside your house (2)

Followers are servants, worshipers working for you. They are people willing to devote a substantial amount of their time to taking care of various tasks for you. A Demons follower are often (but not always) a source of faith and worship. Though they may be loyal to you, you need to work at maintaining their loyalty through money a pact or using influence for them.

* One Follower
** Two Followers
*** Three Followers
**** Four Followers
***** Five followers

You have already established one or more pacts with mortals, granting them their desires in exchange for some of thier faith. Each dot represents one per-existing pact you can draw upon for faith.

* One established pack (1 Faith a day)
** Two established pack (2 Faith a day)
*** Three established pack (3 Faith a day)
**** Four established pack (4 Faith a day)
***** Five established pack (5 Faith a day)

The Mortal Mind is ill-equipped for the vast memories of the fallen. Much of what the demons remember is driven deep into the hosts subconscious. This Background allows you to recall more of your past memories. Calling upon your memories requires an Intelligence and Legacy roll. Difficulty depends on the obscurity of the information you are after, at ST discretion.

* You can remember some details of the war and those you fought with.
** you can remember a fair amount of information about the fall.
*** You remember the war and your exploits with some detail.
**** You remember a great deal about the war and the time before the fall.
***** You have a wealth of detailed memories of your past existence.

The ability of some Fallen to use their central Lore more reliably. A Paragon can re-roll a number of evocation rolls per chapter in his primary lore equal to his rating in this Background. This means that a paragon can use his primary lore more often and with greater effect without risking a loss of Faith.

* You can re-roll one evocation roll when using your primary lore
** You can re-roll two evocation roll when using your primary lore
*** You can re-roll three evocation roll when using your primary lore
**** You can re-roll four evocation roll when using your primary lore
***** You can re-roll five evocation roll when using your primary lore
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