World of Darkness: Tenebris Raptis

This is a OWoD Revised IRC RPG set in the dark future of 2095. On
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Insight (Restricted to approval)

Some Vampires of the 14th & 15th generation have the uncanny, well, insight into the plots and intrigues of he elders. They get strange hunches and prophetic dreams, blurt out names they should not know and sometimes even visions.

Vampires with Insight are called Seers.. It has its origin in the near death experiences of the Embrace. Thing Blooded Vampires often spend a lot of time caught at the brink of final death and oblivion. As they struggle back to the lands of the living, some new vampires see visions of the past and future. When they hey wake from that state they often forget a lot of what they have seen, only to have it return spontaneously later on. Some that catch on to what these are will often try and provoke the vision.

* The occasional odd feeling
** Intuitive
*** Visionary
**** Uncanny
***** You see more than most Ancients

Note: Insight is not the answer, it is not a direct link. They are vague, obscure and symbolic. Directed and Storytellers discretion. The Storyteller can opt to make secret rules based on the level of insight and deciding the amount of information given.

On the occasion a character might choose to deliberately provoke a vision. The player rolls one dice per level of Insight difficulty 8. If the roll gave disappointing results they can choose to roll again in a later scene at difficulty 9. Again the information given should be up to interpretation and Storyteller digression based on the situation and story.

Group Insight
This is usually restricted to NPC use. If a Character is invited due to the story each participant must spend a Willpower which does not add to the success pool, they use the rules for deliberately provoking the vision then group their successes. Again Information is down to the Storyteller. A group insight is considered a ritual. They are incantations, Ouiji boards and the like. This is by no means true magic, group insight rituals are aids to place the participants in the frame of mind.

Shock can be common with group visions. 6 or more successes each participant rolls Willpower Difficulty the number of total successes of the group. If they succeed the seer is shaken by the intensity of the vision. If they fail.. The character enters involuntary torpor.

Insight Torpor
Every time a vampire enters torpor even through group shock insight they have a strong chance of experiencing another insight. It is not unheard of for some seers to deliberately induce torpor through a beating or starvation to experience these. These can be journeys in story in themselves. At Storyteller digression, the player may be rewarded due to exceptional play. Deliberate torpor should be treated the same rule wise as provoking a vision. Normal Torpor rules on duration stand, based on the characters Humanity rating.

Auspex and Insight go hand in hand and often triggers a vision, or it nudges the character when the best time to use Auspex is. deliberately provoking insights in conjunction with Spirit Touch or heightened sensors can produce interesting results and warnings.

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