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 Tremere Specific

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PostSubject: Tremere Specific   Sun Feb 07, 2010 10:10 am

Attuned Taste (2 pt Supernatural Merit)
For whatever reason, your character finds blood magic instinctive- more so than for most Tremere. When your Tremere tastes blood, she naturally tastes the subtle currents and occult correspondences in the vitae. To her, its not even magic; its just a heightened state of taste stemming from the Embrace and the Tremere clans long experience with blood.
When your character tastes blood, she may automatically glean one fact about the source, as per the Level One Path of Blood power, A Taste for Blood No blood cost or roll is required; the vampire simply garners information as if with one success. You may still choose to use the Discipline itself in order to gain more specific information, in which case the normal systems apply and the results of the Discipline use supersede this affinity.
This affinity is not always beneficial- your character may accidentally taste undercurrents of fear, extraordinary power or poison in vitae, and such tastes can cause nausea or incapacitation at the Storytellers discretion. This sensitivity cannot be turned off.

Embraced Without The Cup (3 pt Social Merit) RESTRICTED
When your character was Embraced, her sire dispensed with Tremere tradition, or perhaps didnt have the means necessary to finish the job, or just died before it could be done right. Your T remere was drained of blood and then brought across, but never went through the Transubstantiation of Seven. As a result, even if your character took the oath, she didnt undertake any steps toward a blood bond with the Council of Seven. Because your character has no imperative toward the Seven, her loyalty to the T remere clan comes solely from her own conscience. Effectively, you can do as you damn well please without any unnatural feelings getting in the way.
Of course, if any loyal Tremere find out about this oversight, your character will probably wind up hauled in for the Transubstantiation of Seven, as well as some detailed questioning about why she didnt come forward to fix this oversight ofher own volition. This may result in a binding to the council, or a tribunal of some sort, and ignorance may not be a valid excuse. . . .

Bound to the Council (3 pt Social Flaw)
Whether because of a highly suspicious regent, a faux pas in the past or a missive from on high, your character was bound to the Council of Seven - a condition that he hasnt escaped. This doesnt stop the character from having personal goals and motives, but love of the Tremere clan always comes first. You must spend Willpower just to go against T remere policy; violating the oath, to your character, is literally as difficult as a blood bound thrall trying to betray her regnant. When the councilor their duly-appointed representatives (read: anyone with more Tremere rank than your character) says, "Jump," your character jumps, then waits around to find out how high before coming down.
If you somehow manage to get out of this problem, say by partaking of a Vaulderie, accepting another blood bond or using the ritual Abandon the Fetters, your character may well find himself marked for destruction should the proper parties find out. If the blood bond wasnt enough to keep him in line, and he was enough of a threat to merit it, then destruction is the only way to be sure that he wont be a problem later. The Storyteller can and should use all Tremere resources available both to check the characters loyalty and to hunt him down like the renegade he is ifhe fails to make the grade.

Double Betrayer (4 pt Social Flaw)
At some point in the past, your character undertook the Vaulderie. She may have legitimately tried to join the Sabbat, or perhaps she didnt know any better or was compelled. Regardless, she now bears the mark of theBetrayer. She has since been redeemed and welcomed back into the clans ranks, but the mark will haunt her always.
As usual with the mark, all Tremere can tell that your character betrayed the clan once. Those who know of your characters past will treat her with contempt; add two to the social difficulties for interacting with other T remere, so long as theyre loyal to the clan. Tremere who dont know the circumstances will probably assume that your character is a Sabbat traitor, and might try to capture or destroy her, or at least attempt to inform the pyramid of her whereabouts. Should your character ever fail in her reports or relapse in bad behavior, you can expect that she willbe hunted down just like the Tremere do with other threats.

Thaumaturgically Inept (5 pt Supernatural Flaw)
T remere and the council took decades to develop the principles of Thaumaturgy, so its not a "natural" Discipline. Over centuries its spread through the Tremere clan as a habitual practice, but a few unfortunate Tremere never seem to get the hang of it. Your character is one such unfortunate: He effectively adds 4 instead of the normal 3 to his difficulties ( to a maximum of 10) to use paths or rituals. He can still learn Thaumaturgy (higher-ranking Tremere will be happy to share their secrets so long as he earns the favor from them), but it takes real effort. Thaumaturgy still counts as a clan Discipline for him, though he can begin the story with no more than one dot. Socially, this tends to mark the character as a poor student among other Tremere. He will likely be passed over for promotions or responsibilities simply because he "just doesnt get it."
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Tremere Specific
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