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 Ravnos Specific

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PostSubject: Ravnos Specific   Sun Feb 07, 2010 10:12 am

Charmed Samadji (1-4 pt Merit);;
Your family or sire has gifted you with an item of power. You are expected to carry this powerful draba unlil you sire your own progeny, then pass the gift to her. Power levels ofsamadji wwy greatly; a samadji might reduce target numbers on certain actions (1-2 pt), or even provide the user with effects equivalent to low-level Disciplines, such as Unseen Presence (4 pt). Samadji may be activated in any of a number of ways. Design your samadfi with the Storyteller, who will assign a final value to it.

Family Allegiance (2 pt Merit)
Through your travels, you have gained the favor of a mortal Gypsy family. The family aids you in your exploits whenever possible, providing shelter from enemies or acting as a method of transportation to or from a city. All difficulty numbers involving social interaction with the family in question are reduced by two. So long as you do not abuse your trust (such as using family members as steady Sources of blood ), the family will not turn away trom you. Note: You may not take a Family Allegiance with the Tsurara or Ravnos families.

Phralmulo (3 pt Merit)
You were Embraced from within the Rom, from one of the families of power (see A World of Darkness: Gypsies). Because of your heritage, you may be able to regain Blood Affinities by feeding on Rom and may begin with Abilities or Backgrounds available only to Gypsy characters. In addition, phralmulo characters need not pick a specific crime as their weakness; the phralmulo, show a general (but compulsive) contempt and disregard for all the laws of the gaje. Note: Without this Merit, a Ravnos player character is assumed to be georgio.

Family Enmity (2 pt Flaw)
By an act of betrayal, or perhaps a simple "misunderstanding," you have gained the scorn of one of the families. They will not offer any assistance to you, and may even alert your enemies to your presence in a city. Until you redeem yourself, be it through unrewarded loyalty or perhaps remarkable cunning, they will interfere with your plans and darken your name wherever they travel. Note: You may not take a Family Enmity with the Tsurara or the Ravnos families.

Marhime (3 pt Flaw)
You have committed some grievous crime against the Rom, and arc now shunned by their families (including the Ravnos). Though they do not work against you, they avoid contact, as you might contaminate them (difficulties of all Social rolls mwdving other Gypsies increase by two). Cleansing yourself of your crime is an arduous uphill battle; until you are redeemed by a kris, you are unable to travel in the company of your people for anything longer than a few nights before they drive you away.

Wuzho Enemy (2 pt Flaw)
You have drawn the attention of one of the Wuzho. This enemy is quite dangerous, as he wishes nothing more than to send you to your end. Though he does not confront you directly, he works to thwart your plans whenever possible -- destroying family ties or angering other mulo against you -- waiting for the night when you are no longer able to defend yourself against him.
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Ravnos Specific
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