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 Path of Conjuring

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PostSubject: Path of Conjuring   Sat Feb 27, 2010 1:56 pm

* Summon the Simple Form

At this level of mastery, the conjurer may create simple, inanimate objects. The object cannot have any moving parts and may not be made of multiple materials. For example, the conjurer may summon a steel baton, a lead pipe, a wooden stake or a chunk of granite.

System: Each turn the conjurer wishes to keep the object in existence, another Willpower point must be spent or the object vanishes.

** Permanency

At this level, the conjurer no longer needs to pay Willpower costs to keep an object in existence. The object is, as this level’s name suggests, permanent, though simple objects are all that may be created.

System: The player must invest three blood points in an object to make it real in addition to the base Willpower roll.

***Magic of the Smith

The Kindred may now conjure complex objects of multiple components and with moving parts. For example, the Thaumaturge can create guns, bicycles, chainsaws or cellular phones.

System: Objects created via Magic of the Smith are permanent items and cost five blood points to conjure. Particularly complex items often require a Knowledge roll (Crafts, Science, etc.) in addition to the base Willpower roll.

****Reverse Conjuration

This power allows the conjurer to “banish” into non-existence any object previously called forth via this path.
System: This is an extended Willpower roll. The conjurer must accumulate as many successes as the original caster received when creating the object in question.

*****Power Over Life

This power cannot create true life, though it can summon forth some truly impressive simulacra. Creatures (and people) summoned with this power lack the free will to act on their own, instead mindlessly following the simple instructions of their conjurer.
System: The player rolls Willpower then spends 10 blood points. Imperfect and impermanent, creatures summoned via this path are to complex to exist for long. Within a week after their conjuration, the simulacra vanish into the insubstantial.
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Path of Conjuring
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