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 Path of Weather

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PostSubject: Path of Weather   Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:39 pm

By spending a blood point, the vampire may create weather anomalies. She must also roll Manipulation + Survival, difficulty dependent on the typical likelihood of the weather pattern being perpetrated. (Lightning on a sunny day in Kenya is difficulty 9; fog in London is difficulty 3.) In the event of lightning, treat the strike as a firearm, doing ten dice of damage. The level of the effect (the magnitude of the weather anomaly) is limited to the number of successes on the Willpower roll.

* Fog
Light Breeze/Minor Temperature Change

** Rain/Snow
Forcing weather conditions to change.

*** High Winds
Whirlwind/Moderate Temperature Change

**** Storm
Creating and controlling a storm.

***** Lightning
Focusing Lighting to strike. Difficulty is determined by weather conditions and weather or not you are in or out doors.
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Path of Weather
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