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This is a OWoD Revised IRC RPG set in the dark future of 2095. On
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 2095: evolution of last Generations

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PostSubject: 2095: evolution of last Generations   Sat Aug 30, 2014 5:39 pm

Thin Bloods are a modern phenomena. In the later part of the Twentieth Century they started to appear. The 14th Generations, part of their sires Clans where met with controversy. Old superstitions about about Gehenna instantly made them feared. The appearance of the Caitiff and the Thin Bloods where to mark the beginning of the end. A ancient doomsday prophecy hinted that they would appear and soon after the Antediluvian would wake and reap all. Well they did appear and it was written, fear started to spread. The Nodists being the loudest voices of this propaganda which instigated a lot of their destruction. Other Vampires saw the weakening of the bloodlines as a tragedy. Bringing vampires one step closer to the Mortals they saw themselves above. When the 15th Generations appeared tolerance was all but forgotten. While some vampires spoke out for them, especially with in the Camarilla of old. The Sabbat themselves where at an in pass with them. While some hated how close the Thin Bloods had become to Mortals others saw much needed numbers. Though a Thin Blood that actually made it into a Pack was often short lived. The Sabbat is a brutal place after all. In the end the debate came down to the Elders of the city and how they personally saw the threat. One must remember. A Vampire that has a weakened curse can be seen as Gods forgiveness. But yet again another blow came with the discovery of Dhampirs. Half human half Vampire. Self sustaining abominations. 15th Generations where rejected outright. The 14th had a small chance if an elder took interest. The Elders where already nervous about how well they could mask themselves as human. Now giving Birth was to much. Scourges where given right of destruction on any 15th and Dhampir found. 14th where often left to the parent clan or behavior in the city. Outcast none the less even for those lucky not to be killed outright.

Well the prophesy did come to pass. The Antediluvian's woke and reaped the population of Kindred across the world. Not all know if the time of thin bloods where an inevitable step in this or if it was just a fluke. It does not mean a bit of difference to these unfortunate souls. Hated, mistrusted seen a roaches now there is no real pest control. Thin Bloods have become more prolific like Caitiff, it was not unheard of for one to end up in the service of an Elder but never in the court of the Politeia deeming them to much trouble.

There was some benefit to them. One ability often intrigued some. Not even a Antediluvian could manifest a new Discipline. The Thin Bloods talented enough to be able to do this where coveted by 2030. These small but unique powers could be taught on to any Vampire. Though still rare even today, the odd new powers still float about. The wars where harsh, there is little pockets of hope for the Thin Bloods.

In todays world Thin Bloods are more common than not. Dhampirs thrive, maybe not even knowing what they truly are. And they are no longer a major concern. Survival for all takes precedence.
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2095: evolution of last Generations
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