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 Tin City and the Thin Bloods

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PostSubject: Tin City and the Thin Bloods   Sat Aug 30, 2014 5:19 pm

Tin City is not well known pocket of the Underground. Any Character that does not process City Secrets will not know of Tin Cities existence, they may have heard rumors but it will be little more than an urban legend.

Tin City can be accessed via a Manhole service tunnel under the Bridge connection the districts of Sales and Seton. Above ground this area is haven for the Mega Cities undesirables, homeless, gangs, the sick and those simply attempting to live off the grid under the nose of the State and Corporations.  It is a homeless ghetto of cardboard and make shift shelters for the IDless. Less than savory, unsafe and unprotected. Under the Bridge is often raided, cleared out and attacked by Law Enforcement, Hunter Killers and worse.

Tin City
No one knows who founded this little community. But no one Polices it, no one claims ownership nor protects it. It is governed by no man or woman. But all who dere to stay live by one rule. Silence. One really need connections to even know about that place. Be it by blind luck or an unexpected Allie, Tin City is only discovered by word of mouth and experience from an inhabitant that trusts you enough.

So what is Tin City. Well it is a place for hiding, a place for isolation and in some warped way exception. It goes beyond the shelters of the bridge. It is a little more than the usual underground for the Underworld. Tin City is the last beacon of hope for the rejects of the Supernatural world within the city limits. Off the grid, its this place or the wilds beyond the wall.

Thin Bloods and some Dhampirs and unbound Ghouls thrive here with in the communities of Tin City. Though they are not the only ones. Ex-Technocrates on the run, the blood hunted, the hunted, unregistered Physics, even Magi and Lupine have been know to take shelter here. The mix of diversity leaves this community constantly at edge, on the brink of self destruction. It is a volatile cutthroat sub-world filled with wonder and danger. Trade is key here. Those that can make it above ground work as gatherers for those that can not. Business and corruption is ripe. Its survival of the fittest and the most cunning at the best of times. Though there are a few that make it their goal to have this place thrive. Helping the weak as best they can or protecting their own little sub-communities. While others are just predators feeding off who ever they can find. Any human that lives down here has their eyes fully opened. This is the only place that one can experience what it would really be like if the world knew all.. One can not live in a place like this with out seeing what there is in the world of darkness. As such the existence of this place is  a breach of the Masquerade, a danger to all. Making the one and only Law the most important. Those that have been caught breaching it or being careless often find themselves dead very quickly.

The Thin Bloods.
There is a small community in the Easter sector. No sunlight makes this place perfect for life as a Vampire. The humans provide enough blood to for fill their needs. They do contend with other full blooded vampires but they tend to be left alone. An uneasy tolerance is given to them. Though over the years they have been blamed for illness and death. The resulting brutality often leaves many casualties on both sides. Life as a Thin Blood is hard in general. But down here there is hope. They live by no rules other then the one. There are no Traditions. They live a life of the Unbound. An Unbound philosophy is a rejection of all Elder ideals, sects and beliefs and probably just as hated by them even now.

The Thin Blood community down here was founded when New Babylon was still young. By a 13th Generation Caitiff called Benjamin Watts. Tired of the dangers of the endless wars between the sects, A hatred of the control of the traditions and the brutality of the Scourges. He learned of Tin City by chance. He fled down to the depths and began to sire becoming on of New Babylons most despised Unbound. A few claim linage to Watts. Lisbeth The 14th Generation Seer of the community is one. Micheal a self declared 14th Generation elder of the community claims to be another. Others where gathered, found and given a chance. There are some within Tin City that reject this community calling them as bad as those above. Conflict and politics will never die. No one knows what happened to Benjamin Watts. Some believe he was finally caught and killed by the Scourges. Micheal however claims through self sacrifice Watts left to find others to free them from the Traditions and the world above. It still remains unclear.

Ghouls often trade with the Thin Bloods. Blood being a major commodity to them. Especially those of the 14th Generation that can not create a bond.

Dhampirs are rumored to be among the mortal communities within Tin City. They do not often reveal themselves even to the others. Some 15th Generation woman have claimed to have given birth, letting the child go to a better home for its own protection. Those born of a Mortal Mother are impossible to find out. Even among the Thin Bloods the Dhampirs are often seen with Eire. Some Dhampirs in the past have realized the importance of Vampire Vitea. Blood lust driving them to become Predators of the Vampires.. Hunters of the hunters killing those that can bond and preying on those that can't like cattle. As a result they have become feared.
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Tin City and the Thin Bloods
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