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 Thin Blood/Dhampir Specific

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PostSubject: Thin Blood/Dhampir Specific    Sat Aug 30, 2014 2:41 pm


Face the Flames (3-pt Merit)
The weakness of your Beast renders you less susceptible to blind panic when faced with fire. You receive two extra dice on Rotschreck rolls.

Supernatural Contact (3-pt Merit)
You know a werewolf, mage, fae Kuei-Jin, hedge magician or some other supernatural being. This does not mean that you are boon companions, only that the two of you don't follow the usual kill-on-sight policy between supernaturals. If players want a more cordial relationship between characters of different races, they must develop them in the course of play. Remember that while Contacts may perform favors, they expect favors in return. What's more, your Supernatural Contact is probably just as marginalized in his own community as the thin-blooded are among the Kindred. At the very least, you both risk disgrace in your respective communities.

Perceive Vampires (2/5-pt Merit)
A dhampir with this Merit can always recognize a vampire for what it is. This Merit comes at two power levels.

2 PT, the dhampir can automatically recognize a vampire despite makeup, Merits such as Blush of Health or Thaumaturgical rituals that let a vampire mimic certain aspects of life. Obfuscate works only partially. The dhampir cannot see an "invisible" vampire, but knows that one lurks nearby. A dhampir sees the false image created by Mask of a Thousand faces, but still knows that the person is really a vampire.

5 PT, the dhampir automatically sees through any attempt at disguise. Even the mightiest Obfuscate power from a Methuselah doesn't work: The vampire remains visible to the dhampir, its undead nature clearly recognized.

The legends also say that a dhampir can briefly let other people see "invisible" vampires too, by looking through the dhampir's shirt-sleeve or by some other simple charm. Balkan dhampirs warn, however, that mere mortals may suffer a nervous breakdown, three years of malaria or some other calamity from the shock of seeing the undead plainly. If dhampirs can share their gift (Storyteller's option whether to allow this), raise the Merit's cost by two freebie points. (The curse aspect of the legends is obviously false. After all, mortals see Masquerading vampires all the time. Admittedly, seeing a Nosferatu when you weren't mentally prepared for it could put you off your feed for days.)


Ravaging Years (2-pt Flaw)
The curse of Caine did not grant you immortality. You still age, just very slowly - perhaps one mortal year for every 20 calendar years. Most of the time, neither you nor anyone else would notice, but eventually you will grow old and die. Sometimes your aging speeds up: Like a ghoul, your deferred aging can return in a rush. Whenever you heal aggravated wounds, you age a year in the course of a single day's sleep. That may not sound like much, but over the course of a century it can really add up. It gives a great incentive to avoid sunlight, fire and the fangs of one's fellow vampires.

Hemetic (4-pt Flaw)
The very idea of drinking blood disgusts you and makes you physically ill…awkward for a vampire. In order to hold the blood within your system until you absorb it, you must make a Stamina roll at difficulty 8. Failure means the sudden, humiliating and extremely messy loss of all newly consumed blood points as you retch them out (the truly pathetic could carry a barf bag and try again). The only way to avoid nausea is to feed while frenzying: In that horrid state, with the Beast in full control, you can keep blood down. Aside from the social embarrassment frenzy can cause, however, it tends to endanger the Masquerade; you might as well phone up the local scourge and ask if he makes house calls.

Clan Weakness (2-pt Flaw)
This one's for Caitiff. Even though you did not become a full member of your sire's clan, and do not get the cost break for Clan Disciplines, you still suffer from that clan's natural weakness. What's more, some Caitiff just spontaneously replicate clan weaknesses, with no connection to their ancestry. While this can help one pretend to be a member of the appropriate clan, it can be deadly if one does not know about it - or what other vampires might think. (In Camarilla territory, for instance, a Caitiff who casts no reflection - the notorious weakness of the Lasombra clan - might have to answer some hard questions.)

Decrepitude (3-pt Flaw)
No thin-blooded vampire has felt the full force of this Flaw. None of them have existed long enough. In time, they will learn it's full horror.

The Curse of Caine holds most vampires in ageless stasis, repairing any damage they might suffer. In your case, the Curse doesn't always succeed at fully repairing damage. When healing aggravated damage, the player must make a Stamina roll. The difficulty is 5 plus the number of levels of aggravated damage sustained (For instance, if you had taken 2 health levels of aggravated damage, the difficulty would be 7. After healing that one level, the difficulty would drop to 6.) Failure means that, despite regaining the health level, your body still shows signs of damage. Perhaps burnt hair won't regrow or a healed wound leaves a scar. Botching the roll means losing one dot of some Physical Attribute or Appearance, chosen by the Storyteller. You can repair this damage, if you know a skilled plastic surgeon - or mortician - who is privy to the Masquerade, but it's not easy. After all, the surgeon has to do a fair bit of cutting too. On the one hand, you receive a difficulty of only 6 to heal the wounds caused by the surgeon. On the other hand, you might receive another botch and be worse off than before. As the decades pass and Attributes drop, decay sets in. Eventually you will become a shambling, animate corpse. At such a point, Final Death may seem a mercy. The 5-point physical Flaw "Flesh of the Corpse" is an even more severe version of this debility.

Fangless (2-pt Flaw)
Your Embrace malfunctioned: the Curse of Caine made you a vampire… but it didn't give you fangs! You must use a knife, syringe or other sharp instrument to extract the blood you need to survive. Very few mortals find such exsanguinations pleasant, at least until you place your mouth to the wound (then the Kiss proceeds as normal). Having no fangs also removes your one natural way to cause aggravated damage.

Compulsive Counter (2-pt Flaw)
If you see collections of small, identical objects (such as a scattered handful of rice or marbles), you feel compelled to pick them up and count them. You can resist the obsession if you make a successful Willpower roll. The difficulty depends on how much you count: A scattered handful of rice (hundreds of grains) gives a difficulty of only 6, but a handful of marbles (only a dozen or so) would force a difficulty of 9.

Repulsed by Wild Rose (1-pt Flaw)
As "Repulsed by Garlic," but using flowering sprigs of wild rose instead. Hawthorn, rowan and celandine also have legendary status as repellers of vampires.

Feeding Fetish (1-pt Flaw)
You feel compelled to bite only a specific part of the body to feed. Attempting to bite a victim anywhere else forces a Willpower check (difficulty 6). The neck, of course, is the most traditional, but the legendary Armenian vampire Dakhanavar bit only the soles of his victim's feet.

Power Fetish (3-pt Flaw)
You believe that much of your supernatural power depends on carrying a specific object (the Alp, a German vampire-spirit, needed its hat). Without that unique object, you must succeed at a Willpower check (difficulty Cool to activate any Discipline power.

Fragile Bones (5-pt Flaw)
Some legends say that dhampirs have thin and brittle bones. Because of this, they do not live very long. Presumably, these dhampirs do not take up vampire-hunting. For a dhampir with this Flaw, bashing damage is treated as lethal damage.
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Thin Blood/Dhampir Specific
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