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 Rules for Dhampir

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PostSubject: Rules for Dhampir   Sat Aug 30, 2014 1:41 pm

A Dhampir is the child born naturally from of a 15th generation vampire and a mortal. It is an extremely difficult pregnancy for the Vampire and even worse if it is a Mortal Mother. There is a high chance of miscarriage and even death of the mother.

The word "Dhampir" originates from gypsy folklore.

As an infant they would show every sign of being a normal human. It is around puberty that their bodies go through a change, the awakening of their vampiric side. Their aging process slows dramatically. A Dhampir probably spent most of her time among normal humans. She might not even know about her supernatural heritage, depending on their background in the world of darkness. Thus learning about the secret World of Darkness may come as a bit of a shock or they can simply be convinced they are a Phsychic of some description which is often the case.

While a Dhampir is not technically a ghoul they are a hybrid between a Vampire and a Mortal. They do not need blood to sustain themselves like a Vampire does each night for do they require the monthly feed of a ghoul. They do use blood like a normal Vampire, the day walk and suffer no penalty, they can be Ghouled if they do this and suffer the blood bond as normal.  If they learn the benefits of Vampiric blood this can get addictive to them. Even the rush of their power can drive some.  On top of this all upon the change at puberty they do develop the Beast. Though this is watered down, their temper and blood lust is evident and can cause Frenzy.

Much of the creation and rules are very similar to ghouls. See Character Creation  Thin Bloods/Dhampir's.  

  • All Dhampir's are young, without exception. The thin-blooded themselves have appeared only within the last 100 years or so. (So Dhampir need to  begin the game age appropriate.)

  • Though Dhampir's have a beast Frenzy checks are done at a -3 Difficulty modifier.

  • They can walk in daylight with no penalties.

  • They can eat, drink and have children and ingest blood though Mortal blood has decreasing effect for them (for every 2 blood you get one to your pool)

  • Dhampir's regenerate blood naturally at one blood point a day or they can feed. Only Vampire blood can replenish their blood pool at one for one, not mortals (see above).  They can spend all their blood in their pool (10 Blood Points) on healing, Attributes and Disciplines. This will not effect their health. They may if anything look Anemic. They will be more prone to Frenzy especially at the sight of Vampiric Blood. When feeding they have a lesser version of the dark kiss, the victim is gripped and held by the sensations flooding through their body as their nervous system goes into a state of shock.  There is no intense pleasure to this experience like there is for the Vampiric Dark Kiss.

  • Like ghouls they have no Generation. Dhampir are restricted to a maximum of 3 dots in any given discipline, for higher disciplines, they must injest Vampiric blood regularly and learn from their Domitor, ff they choose to risk that. Then they suffer the rules of the blood bond and Ghouling. If they ever stop drinking from their domitor and lose ghoul status, then they lose any discipline dots over the 3rd rank of the discipline (and the experience spent on them).

  • They can teach themselves disciplines, BUT the more exotic need a mentor. They do not have a Clan nor a Clan flaw so  things like Obtenebration, Vicissitude, Serpentis and Quietus needs a mentor. Disciplines like Potence, Celerity, Fortitude and even those like Auspex and Obfuscate is considered reflex learning.  Dhampir are restricted to learning a discipline only to the 3rd level, unless they ingest the vitae of a vampire and are taught higher levels (see above).

  • Learning disciplines is harder for Dhampir than it is Thin Blooded Kindred, however it is easier for them than for Ghouls.  They spend x8 per dot for potence and the one selected discipline at creation, these two are treated as "in clan" disciplines.  For the "out of clan" disciplines they learn, which will be any other discipline taken, the experience cost is x10 of the rating held.

  • They can learn Psychic Abilities but this needs to be treated as Disciplines in cost of experience points and levels that can be learned. See our Experience Point system in the House rules Forum.

  • A Dhampir can not embrace or sustain a ghoul.
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Rules for Dhampir
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