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 Chi Mastery

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PostSubject: Chi Mastery   Sat Jul 26, 2014 4:26 pm

C’hi Mastery
This far-eastern Numina involves the focusing and channelling of the psychics inner energies – an extremely personal, and demanding, art.
System: The psychic rolls Manipulation  and Meditation

*Focused Healing
Through Meditation the psychic can gain control of their body and heal a number of damage per success. A Willpower needs to be spent and the psychic needs to spend the time for deep meditation. This can last hours at a time.

**Light Foot
By focusing there energies the psychic can push their bodies to the extreme, The Psychic can  move at 5x normal speed, run over water and such, and make fabulous leaps.

System: The number of successes determines the duration of the effect. 1 success/action. The psychic spend one of her success and gain one extra action.

***The Iron Fist
While this power is in effect the psychic can block blades with no worry of injury. Success equal duration in rounds. Also At this level the and Healing Touch heals wounds on others as per “Self Healing”, above.
The psychic spend one of her success and gain two extra action.  

**** Push Hands
The psychic has reached such a level of mastery they gain an automatic counter strike as long as the power is in effect. Number of Successes equals the number of rounds active.
The psychic spend one of her success and gain three extra action.  

***** Shockwave
The Chi Master can now  enter a zone and Missile Deflect against ranged weapons as well as generating an area-effect strike.

System: After rolling for Shockwave the psychic can make a normal melee or brawl attack at +2 difficulty. The number of successes indicates the number of targets that are effected beyond the first by the single attack roll.  Each target can soak or dodge as normal.

To deflect a missile the psychic must have the action to spend. It resolves the same way as a dodge or parry. Rolling the paths skill instead. If successful the psychic chooses the direction of the deflection.
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Chi Mastery
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