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 Soul Stealing

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PostSubject: Soul Stealing   Sat Jul 26, 2014 2:56 pm

This terrifying Phenomenon allows a psychic to invade a victim's subconscious and destroy essential elements of personality. Soul Stealing doesn't cause madness; instead, it renders its targets mere shells.

Victims generally don't remember the incident; however, the ST may allow them a Perception + Enigmas roll to notice the Soul Stealing in progress.

System: The Psychic makes a Manipulation + Awareness and spends one Willpower point; the difficulty is the target's Willpower and the victim must be in the line of sight. The Victim will resist with their Willpower in an apposed test difficulty the psychics Soul Stealing ability + Successes.

* Will Sapping
With each success, the psychic drains away a temporary point of the victim's Willpower. The victim recovers Willpower in the normal manner.

**. Drain Vital Essence
Each success by the psychic drains away a Health Level from the victim. These wounds aren't aggravated, however, and the victim recovers normally. No physical marks appear of the victim; rather, this is "mental" damage. Once the victim exceeds 7 damage they pass out. There is no Physical overload.

*** Shift Life
For every success, the psychic transfer one of the victims Health Levels to her own body as an extra bruised Health Level. She only may add extra 7 Bruise Health Levels. OR For every success, the psychic transfer one of the victims Willpower to her own. The psychic can only add the amount the victim had. She can not take what is not there.

**** Vigor's Pinch
Each success by the psychic drains away a chosen Physical Attribute from the victim. This transfers to the psychics own chosen attributes. This lasts for the duration on the night. Physical Maximums can be exceeded for one action only before it reverts to the normal maximum.

***** Possession
Through a battle of will the psychic can take control of the body of a victim. She will not have access to the victims mind or feelings. During this effect the psychics own body enters a trance like state while her mind is preoccupied.

System: The psychic and the victim make opposed willpower tests as per Soul Stealing, this is extended. Once the psychic beats the victims willpower in successes she gains control of their body until she releases it. The psychics own body is left prone. Though with a willpower roll difficulty 8 she can gain a seance of what is happening around her body. If the Possessed body is attacked it suffered the normal physical wound penalties. If it dies the physics mind is catapulted back to her own body and must soak a number of bashing damage equal to her current willpower score. The Psychic can cast with a +2 difficulty.
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Soul Stealing
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