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 Punishments of Hell

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PostSubject: Punishments of Hell   Fri Jul 04, 2014 6:53 pm

When a fallen is charged with breaking one of the infernal laws (or otherwise acting in a way that jeopardizes court or fallen security as a whole), the Lord Harrier of the Ministry of Aurochs is the one who oversees punishment. The punishment is then ratified by the tyrant (and sometimes the head of house, depending on the severity of the crime) before it can be put into effect.

1. Demotion: Temporary or permanent loss of power, prestige, or resources. Including but not limited to loss of title and rank, fines or other material possessions, deprivation of faith by loss of thralls, or sentence to a time of distasteful service, possibly in a foreign court.

2. Compensation: Commonly used when one causes harm to another by breach of the infernal laws. Might include material goods, forced servitude, etc. Usually decided by the court, though the victim has some decree in what is received.

3. Torture: Taking advantage of the vulnerability of their mortal hosts, the fallen are no strangers to the concept of pain and its use to pay many of their debts.

4. Exile: The final and most severe punishment is exile to the Abyss. Chosen as a last resort not out of sympathy for the accused, but because any court would be weakened by the loss of even a potential troublemaker.
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Punishments of Hell
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