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 Court Structure

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PostSubject: Court Structure   Fri Jul 04, 2014 6:51 pm

The Tyrant:
"While the ministries and functionaries of the court ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently, the leadership and ultimate responsibility for the court rests in the hands of its ruler, formally known as the Tyrant."

The Tyrant stands as supreme ruler of the court, standing above the ministry and nobility alike. The Tyrant of Seattle is mysterious and not well known outside of the occult circles he follows. It is uncertain how long the Tyrant has been roaming the world, it is whispered amoungst the older members of the court that he has been free of the void since before the abyssal rupture. however there is not proof to substantiate this claim. The Tyrant and has dedicated much time to research and implementation of plans to relocate the Creator.

The Pentarchy:
"This council system, created by Lucifer shortly after the founding of the legions, was intended to provide a structure that ensured each court fulfilled its duties to the best of its ability."

The Ministries, serve to maintain influence amoungst the cities day to day workings. These keep track of information, politics, society, business, and industry. These are in many ways the movers and shakers of the Fallen Court, though their titles denote more of the constitutional aspect of the court system. The head officials are appointed by the Tyrant to oversee each ministry. Ministry members are entirely volunteer, however Court members are... encouraged... sometimes not politely to participate in a ministry if they are not actively doing so already.

Ministry of Eagles (The Watchers): Charged with the collection of information and intelligence on the enemies of the court and the fallen as a whole.

Ministry of Aurochs (The Warders): Charged with the defense of the court and the enforcement of its laws, upholding rules, traditions, and customs of the court.

Ministry of Lions (The Sword): Charged with offensive strategy and comprised of the courtís elite soldiers, warriors, and generals.

Ministry of Dust (The Guides): Serves as an intermediary between demon and mortal society, responsible for diplomacy and potential cover-ups.

Ministry of Dragons (The Censors): Charged with questioning and challenging authority, keeping all ministries true to their intended role as servants of the infernal court.
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Court Structure
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