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 Shamanistic Numina

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PostSubject: Shamanistic Numina   Mon Jun 23, 2014 9:06 pm

Static shamans possess 5 dots in Shamanic Paths, which they can divide between any of their four different Paths. None of these paths require specific rituals, but all rolls made with any of these Paths require the expenditure of 1 point of temporary Willpower. Their four magical Paths are Spirit Awakening, Gauntlet Manipulation, Summon Naturae and Spirit Command. Unless otherwise specified, each Path requires at least half an hour of preparation, where the shaman chants, ingests drugs, dances, creates elaborate sand paintings, or otherwise places herself and the environment into a state where shamanic power can be invoked.  Statis chamans can also learn other forms of linear magic, and many learn Healing, Oneiromancy, Wather Control, and Summoning, Binding and Warding (See Sorcerer for information on these Paths).  Purchasing additional Numina costs 7 Freebie Points, or 7 Experience Points for New Paths and new rating x 7 to raise an existing Path.

Shamans have access to Tass, which is solidified Quintessence, or Mana. Its often found in natural objects such as plants, rocks, or even water around a Node, or spiritual place of power. This is reflected by the Mana background in Sorcerer, and can be utilized in many paths Shamans tend to follow.
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Shamanistic Numina
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