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 Sorcery: Warding

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PostSubject: Sorcery: Warding   Tue May 27, 2014 4:15 am

The Mystic who study this Path dedicate themselves to defending their holdings. They are also capable of exposing infiltrators before they breach the sanctuary and hiding places. The Mystic paints a sigil on the target. The glyph functions until it expires or the object is destroyed.

Manipulation + Occult Standard Sorcery difficulties based on levels

The number of successes indicates the number of days that the ward functions.
1 One day
2 One week
3 Two weeks
4 One Month
5 Three months
6+ One year

*Ward against animals
**Ward against minor Spirits/Humans
***Ward against Vampires
****Ward against Shifters/Greater Spirits including Custos
*****Ward against Greater Demons including Fallen

*Bar the common Passage.
The Mystic paints her ward on a door or other portal. The affected doorway is imbued with sufficient magical fortification to potentially hold back the ferocious strength of a werewolf or the head of a battering ram. If something breaks the ward, the Mystic is alerted subconsciously.

System: When cast the intruder needs to score double the casters successes in a strength test to breach the ward.

**Glyph of Scrying
By focusing her will, the Mystic can view the immediate vicinity of a particular ward. Paranoid Mystics can monitor their entire building through these glyphs. Portable objects can be imbued with these wards to function like remote senses.

System: The ward can be destroyed as usual, but always fades after the time limit expires.
The Mystic can establish a telepathic connection with any one of her wards instantly, but never with more than one at a time. She can move about as normal while focusing on a ward, but all difficulties to act are at +2 Difficulty. Once in contact with a particular ward, the Mystic can see and hear everything in the surrounding area as if she were actually there.

***Runes of Power
Many Mystics place these wards on ancient tomes of magic or special places or even an weapon aslong as it is large enough to carry the glyph. Intruders receive a nasty surprise when they make contact with these runes.

System: The number of successes indicates the number of Bashing damage the victim suffers upon contact with the warded object. The caster is the only person who is immune to the effect.

The Mystic who paints these glyphs can use them as Glyphs of Scrying, above, and can communicate through them. Mystics with this ability can even use it to attack distant opponents with the appropriate paths as they can cast through them at +2 Difficulty.

This potent ability can be used to seal off an entire Building. One glyph, painted at the center of a complex, secures all windows, portcullises, doors and other portals from all entry or exit.

System: Until the glyph is destroyed intruders will have to roll to breach every door or window until the glyph is found and destroyed.

***Detect glyph.
A Mystic can use his knowledge of warding to detect glyphs in an area. He wont know where or what they do. But he can feel them on a successful cast.

The Mystic can attempt to destroy the glyph that he is presented with. This will take time and will require full concentration. He needs to beat the number of successes by one. Take ten minuets to perform. Once the ritual is started the opposing Mystic will be notified his glyph is under attack.
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Sorcery: Warding
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