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 Rules for Technological Enhancement

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PostSubject: Rules for Technological Enhancement   Sun Dec 22, 2013 4:32 am

See The Augmentation within the Character Creation Section. Join Forums to Unlock this Category.

The cutting edge of advanced robotics and medical procedures, Enhancements cover a broad spectrum of Cybernetic and Bio Implants.

The Enhancement background costs 2 for 1 during character creation. Each dot costs 2 freebie points in other words. You also need to have Resources at +1 your Enhancement dots to explain how you would afford such ridiculous implants and additions to your structure, this stuff is expensive.

The background itself works in one of two ways. Either you put forth the dots in the background to additional attributes, or you pool a 'implant pool' of numbers. For three dots in Enhancements, you have nine points in device points, which will be listed in this same section of the forum.

So if you have 2 dots in Enhancements and wish to use them for attributes, you spend them as 'free points" into any attribute you wish, the cap is 5.

+1 point of Attributes, or 3 points for Devices. One Genetic Flaw
+2 point of Attributes, or 6 points for Devices. Two Genetic Flaws
+3 point of Attributes, or 9 points for Devices. Three Genetic Flaws
+4 point of Attributes, or 12 points for Devices. Four Genetic Flaws
+5 point of Attributes, or 15 points for Devices. Five Genetic Flaws

Genetic Flaws: When the body is augmented and altered via implants or bio-upgrades, it changes the person on a genetic level, this causes issues almost every time. There are three types of genetic flaws, each for the sort of upgrade the recipient is getting, Physical, Social, and Mental. For the first 2 dots of Enhancements, the player can pick from both Characteristics and Drawbacks. For the 3rd, 4th and 5th dots, the player only chooses Drawbacks.

Physical flaws come in two varities: Characteristics that make you stand out as "more human than human"; and Drawbacks that plague you with physical ailments. Each type counts as a separate flaw.

Strength Characteristics: Overly muscled build, like a body builder roided up with visibly tense muscle fibers, dense body mass and weight.
Strength Drawbacks: Constant hunger, chronic pain, bone disease, heart trouble

Dexterity Characteristics: Long limbs or fingers, nervous tics, uncanny reflexes
Dexterity Drawbacks: Hypertension, Cancer, heart trouble.

Stamina Characteristics: greater chest capacity (barrel chested), immunity to minor pain, dense body mass.
Stamina Drawbacks: Obesity, constant hunger, graying and pale, leathery skin.

Appearance Characteristics: Uncanny Beauty, Musky scent
Appearance Drawbacks: "Plasticky" skin, rashes and blemishes, musky smell (enhanced pheromone production) that entrances the opposite sex more than you will want.

Intelligence Characteristics: Large head, baldness, staring eyes, rapid speech patterns
Intelligence Drawbacks: Dyslexia, hypersensitivity, chronic headaches

Perception Characteristics: slightly larger eyes, unusual eye color, nervous tics.
Perception Drawbacks: hallucinations, headaches, trembling, sensory overload.

"Normal" Flaws: Bad Sight, Color Blind, Disfigured, Deformity, Faulty Enhancements.

Mental and Social Flaws: Jerky, robotic movements, obsessive compulsive behavior, constant irritability, flashes of rage, tourettes syndrome, depression, acute paranoia.
"Normal" Flaws: Amnesia, berserker, bigot, confused, flashbacks, icy demeanor, nightmares, obsession, phobia, sadism / masochism, technobabbler.

Merits and Flaws from the games that might fit into this description can be talked about. The players get no additional freebie points for these flaws.

Enhancement background can be increased through roleplay and spending experience, if the character has the funds to purchase the implant and its insertion, and a means in which to have it implanted.
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Rules for Technological Enhancement
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