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This is a OWoD Revised IRC RPG set in the dark future of 2095. On
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 Creating a Hunter

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PostSubject: Creating a Hunter   Sun Dec 22, 2013 4:24 am

As per our house rules Hunters will not be form Hunter the Reckoning we use our own game. Hunters use the Mortal write up rules with some exceptions. You can create a Psychic Hunter, remember psychics have been outed in this future. They are known to all mankind and accepted.. mostly.

We encourage the use of technology and our special Augmentation rules with the exception that Augmentation availability will not be based on Resources just a good biography. Cleaver use of Augmentation (Cyberware and Bioware) can give characters a massive boost. Speak to an ST for help.

Hunters will naturally start the game with 30 freebies not the standard 21 of Mortals but using Mortal creation rules.

You can also get creative with Merits and Flaws just remember to talk to an ST about any ideas you might have.
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Creating a Hunter
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