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PostSubject: Revelation    Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:17 am

Each time a demon uses her Faith, mortal observers can make a Perception + Awareness roll to sense the demon's true nature. The difficulty of the roll is 10 minus the total number of Faith points the character spent (or lost) in the scene. Therefore, a small expenditure of Faith is likely to go unnoticed by all but the most perceptive of mortals. A great expenditure of Faith, or repeated small uses of Faith over a short period of time, make it more likely someone will notice. If the difficulty reaches 0, all mortals automatically perceive the demon's true nature. Demons can also allow mortals to perceive their true nature without spending Faith, whenever they wish. Finally, if a character invokes her apocalyptic form, mortal witnesses automatically suffer the effects of Revelation.
The mortal's reaction depends on two factors: the character's Torment and the mortal's Willpower. Fallen with a low Torment (less than half their Willpower) are glorious and awesome, shadows of the divine beings they once were. Fallen with high Torment (greater than their Willpower) are living nightmares who are terrible to behold. Those in between may be either or both, depending on the mortal's preconceptions (and the judgment of the Storyteller). Mortals with low Willpower scores are likely to be overwhelmed by the demon's true nature, while those with greater Willpower can overcome the initial shock and deal with the Revelation (although it still comes as a shock, even to the most jaded and confident of mortals).

When a mortal has a Revelation, roll the mortal's Willpower against a difficulty of the demon's permanent Faith. Mortals whose players fail the roll are so awed or horrified by what they see that they are incapable of doing anything but standing and staring raptly. If the demon directly threatens them, they flee as quickly as possible and later rationalize what happened to them. They believe it was a dream or hallucination, or they simply forget about it altogether. Mortals whose players succeed in the roll are still impressed, but they remain capable of taking rational action (which may still involve fleeing as quickly as possible). They also remember some or all of what happened, although they're not likely to be believed. One success is enough to recall that something extraordinary happened, two successes provide basic details, and three or more successes mean that the mortal recalls exactly what happened (and will probably never forget it). A botch on the Willpower roll means that the mortal suffers a complete collapse, either fainting dead away or turning into a gibbering mass, overcome with awe or tenor. Those with a particularly weak constitution may even suffer a heart attack, stroke or other complication at the Storyteller's whim. Upon recovering, the mortal recalls nothing of the experience, but may still exhibit after effects, such as recurring nightmares or hair gone permanently white.

One effect a Revelation does not have is to reap Faith from those who witness it. While the witnesses are filled with a momentary awareness of the character's nature, it's an unfocused and impersonal awareness. Reaping Faith requires the demon to form a relationship with a mortal, even if only for a short time — not just to flash his horns and forked tongue. While revealing one's revelatory form may certainly aid in reaping Faith, it's never enough in and of itself to gather power for a demon.
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