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 Vampires, Werewolves, and Augmentation

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PostSubject: Vampires, Werewolves, and Augmentation   Mon Jul 22, 2013 6:38 am

Vampires heal quickly.  Werewolves heal even quicker.  So how does one augment those that are so resistant to the process of implanting?


Quite literally in fact, Clan Tremere has developed a ritual in the last few decades that allows a Vampire's body to accept cybernetic or bioware implants.  Needless to say the character must first bargain with the Warlocks, and pay their surely astronomical fee in order to gain this service, but once they do, they can gain the benefit of Implants.  Making it stick means spending a permanent point of Willpower for the Vampire gaining the Implant.

Needless to say, implanting living tissue and organs into a Vampire is... completely and utterly useless.
**Viscissitude cannot be used to duplicate the vast majority of augmentations on the lists. What it can be used for however is the process of implanting the augmentations in a mortal subject. The character still requires the know how of the items that are being implanted, which means a good Technology and Medicine rating

Tremere Implants:  5pt Supernatural Flaw
You have gone through the process of gaining an implant from Clan Tremere.  Of course being under the knife, as it were, means that the Warlocks were in close proximity with the characters guarded secrets, namely their blood.  The Tremere now know alot more about the character than the character is ok with.  This is just part of the cost to being Augmented.

For the Werewolves, its a little more simple.  First, find yourself a Glass Walker Theurge.  Second, get that Walker to do their ritual upon the character that allows for Implants to be Fetished, and there for used.  Garou with Implant Fetishes lose a permanent point of Gnosis per Implant, and the max amount of Implants is half your total Gnosis rating.  Therefore the max implants you can have is 5, and you will never have a Gnosis rating higher than 5 there after.

Only Glass Walkers even allow this process to happen, if any other tribe, even Bone Gnawers, put weaver tech into their bodies, the rammifications upon their Renown will mean they are permanently cubs, with no possibility to go any further in Garou society.
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Vampires, Werewolves, and Augmentation
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