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 Dancing with the Devil, Recent History

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PostSubject: Dancing with the Devil, Recent History   Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:05 am

Sightings of Lucifer come in now and then, and the Fallen pay attention. They spun it in the best way they could, but it was He that threw the biggest monkey wrench in the plans of Lirethiel and the Faustians playing puppet masters with the Church.

The Namaru known as Lirethiel took control over the Faustians in 2002. Her first move was grand, and sweeping, gathering up those in the Faction and decreeing her will. Humanity was the key to the world, in the beginning just as now, and Humanity will deliver them all back to God's doorstep, where they can shake the pillars of heaven and not be ignored any longer.

She used her influence and Eminence among the Fallen to make more moves, gathering those that could place chess pieces on the board against the rival she had taken the time to study since she had just been spat out of the pit. The Technocracy was her nemesis, and she reveled in the game.

It started with a Rabisu, and a bug, a tiny little bug. The humans called it H5N2 at the beginning, and yes it was a flu bug, but this one would become known as the Mega Flu before it was done. Then she called upon the Lammasu and Annunaki, and enslaved several to her will. These hapless Fallen became the machine for nature's unrest, the terrible storms, the seismic events, paradise out of control. The first pieces were placed.

Next came the Church, that archaic institution to God, her steps there always brought a smile to her face, the hypocrisy of it, the audacity. She took control easily through her agents, Thralls and bound Fallen alike, and soon the Papacy was in her clutches.  From there was the launching pad for her fight against the Technocracy, and a glorious fight it was.

Pope Benedict was easily removed through scandal and shame, the Churches last, and potentially one of the greatest Popes was removed far too easy, and then came the puppets.  The next two Popes did not hear God's word, they heard Lirethiel's, and they danced to her tune. On the surface, the reformation of the Church was a marvelous thing, and every step seemed to strengthen the Church, and its followers.

The charity, the nobility, and the acceptance of social changes were hailed as a new revival to Catholicism. The Pope once again became an influential political force, and a marvelous leader for God's devout. Through him, Lirethiel set into motion the upheaval of the Technocratic stranglehold over Humanity, who had been struck lustful with the latest gizmo and technology. What better weapon to combat a sin, than through the Righteous and the Moral?

Catholicism was reborn, spreading like a wild fire, just as fast as the waters rose and the planet was torn asunder by Nature's unrest.  The next piece were the easiest to place, the Raveners. Their hatred and blind fury were easy to direct as a new storm, soon Wars raged across the face of the Globe, hate fueled long time rivalries, and the Human race did what it does best. It killed, it fought, it destroyed.

Of course what sort of game would it be if only one side made its moves. The Technocratic Union was far from inept, and it didn't take long for its resources to come to bear.  Lirethiel had already forseen many of the moves made by the Union however, the Technocrats time and time again fell into place, right where they were wanted to go, and had to play catch up on a global scale to match the moves of the Fallen from the Vatican.

However they were shocked to find that a Pope was assassinated, and even more shocked when one of their own cover companies was to blame. Tacex Corp was to be instrumental in fighting back against the Virus that was to kill so many, and through that, the Syndicate of the Technocracy would gain enough funds from the vaccine to fight against the weather conditions plaguing the world.

None of this happened, thanks to one little Thrall that had been placed in Tacex Corp's higher offices, a decade earlier. Thus ensuring the Virus would kill so many, the Technocracy wouldn't have the financial means to move forward with weather control, of which was stalled and canceled due to other movements in the decades to come.

Further complications with the Technocrats regaining lost momentum was the oft plagued constructions and preventive measures to build the ACG.  Through far reaching influence, Lirethiel moved criminal operations here and there, gangs, terrorism, and of course the faint little nudges by the Pope against certain aspects of global affairs.  For Decades, the Faustians kept the Technocrats on the ropes, hitting them again and again with ordeal after ordeal, not once confronting them, or being confronted openly.  The constant pressure slowed and nearly stalled the progress of technology, of course not wanting to end it entirely, Lirethiel did not strike against weak points in the Union's own infrastructure. In the end they too became her pawn, and she was well on her way to dominating most of the free world.  

Then came the Devil in the details.

First came RFID chips.  Seemingly harmless, but the ripples it left crashed over the Faustians like a tsunami.  The RFID connected everyone, details their movements, criminal history, health, everything.  That much connectivity doesn't actively do anything to Lirethiel's plans at first, but the distraction from Religious events does, especially at that key moment in time.  What else it does, is gives those that control Technology, more control over Humanity.  The Technocrats had nothing to do with RFID, surprisingly enough, nor did they have anything to do with fake RFID.  But the Union is powerful, and aggressive, so they seized the moment with RFID, and used it to their benefit to catch up on a lot of lost ground.

Then came the Sons of the Way, seemingly out of nowhere a fanatical religious group starts mass murdering people by the thousands.  Speaking on behalf of some hokey god that no one cares about and doesn't remember.  Until bodies start piling up, then they pay attention, then they care.  To the faithful, this means nothing, but to those that do not adhere to the Pope's laws and voice, this means quite a lot, religious fanatics always get headlines.

The human population begins to produce something special, something unique.  Psychic's are born, and develop powers.  With slight nudges here and there, two Factions of the Fallen make a move.  The Reconcilers and the Luciferans put a hand full of Thralls within the population that were showing psychic potential.  They ask nothing of them, except to go and speak with a recruiter within Ivory Tower Associates, and then accept the job offer.

These three things, though seemingly unconnected, are a devastating stroke against the Papacy and its Faustian puppet Mistress. Lirethiel feels the sudden and direct swing of power as the Technocracy suddenly has more than just a foot hold, now it also has a weapon, and new recruits to fight against its uphill battle.

The final stroke are the Watchers.  Placed among the people of the world, not just the ACG, but several countries, going by several different names.  Through them, the Church is watched, through them, the Faustians are monitored. Reconciler and Luciferan agents that do as they are told, stuck squarely between the Technocratic Machine, and the Faustian manipulators.

Lirethiel screamed in hate, and Lucifer laughed.
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Dancing with the Devil, Recent History
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