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 Bone Gnawers

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PostSubject: Bone Gnawers   Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:20 am

The Bone Gnawers, children of the Totem Rat, are the lowest of the Tribes as far as social standing goes. Their origins are uncertain, perhaps they descend from a "scavenger sept" of the prehistoric North Africa or perhaps they have been a collection of the desperate throughout the history of the Garou Nation. Bone Gnawers are often despised as honorless cowards; while this is true of some of the tribe some of the time, Bone Gnawers in general are devoted to the protection of the weak (the homeless, the mad, the exploited) from the corruption of the Wyrm, fighting in the core of the city with all the vicious strength of a cornered rat.

In New Babylon, no other group is even remotely close to knowing more about the ins and outs of the city as the Gnawers are. Vampires once relied upon the Nosferatu for their information, but with the drastic upheavals of society, the relocation of so much so fast, the Nos have fallen to the way side as the source of information in the Mega City. If you want dirt, if you want info, find yourself a Bone Gnawer.
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Bone Gnawers
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