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 Glass Walkers

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PostSubject: Glass Walkers   Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:17 am

The Glass Walkers are the wolves of the cities, sharing that realm with the Bone Gnawers. Whereas the latter tribe holds the streets and slums as its domain, the Glass Walkers are in the thick of the financial and technological flow, fighting their battles as often with guns, computers, and bank accounts as with fang and claw. Taking the unusual totem Cockroach as their spiritual patron, the Glass Walkers find themselves semi-pariahs among their brethren for their love for the city (and, to a lesser extent, for their affinity for humanity and its technology, which some other tribes proclaim as evidence of their corruption by the Weaver), but continue marching to the sound of their synthesized drums, confident that their chosen lifestyle holds the key to preserving Gaia.

Recently, the Glass Walkers have come by some very new Allies. The Void Engineers, formerly of the Technocratic Union, have defected and declared war upon their former Colleagues. Umbral war is a messy thing, and the Glass Walkers have whole heartedly accepted the alliance and have fought ferociously beside their new awakened comrades. They also have a long standing Alliance with the Virtual Adepts, another group of mages, together they have dove into the Net and spread their influence rapidly across the digital skyline of New Babylon.
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Glass Walkers
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