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PostSubject: Uktena    Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:13 am

Uktena are said to be animistic peoples from all over the world. Most are of Native American heritage, though adopted werewolves are from a variety of backgrounds. The Uktena are a tribe of mystics, shamans and arcanists; because of their close ties to the magical and knowledge of the arcane many fear that there are those among them who may be turning to the Dark Arts, and their history of having their land gradually taken from them have made some of the Uktena very bitter indeed. Their main talent lies in the sealing of Banes, and as such they may have deeper knowledge of the Wyrm than the other tribes are comfortable with.

The totem of the tribe is based on Uktena from Cherokee myths. Early artwork depicted the totem, Uktena, slightly different from myth: a giant snake with wings and antlers. Later artwork and descriptions changed from this image to that of a serpent's tail, a cougar’s head, a cougar's upper body, and antlers. Uktena was combined with the legends of Water Panther (Underwater panther) for this new hybrid beast.

Recently an offshoot camp known as Urban Uktena have set up residence in New Babylon.  These Uktena work closely with the Bone Gnawers, and a few Urban Shamans of the Glass Walkers, in an attempt to purge the blight upon the new urban sprawls of the late 21st century.
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