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 From Apocalypse to Present, a History lesson

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PostSubject: From Apocalypse to Present, a History lesson   Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:15 am

The Apocalypse is a lie.

That is how many Garou see it.  The Apocalypse wasn't some grand event, not a glorious struggle on Battleground, but a whimper, orchestrated not by the Wyrm, but by the Fallen, and the Weaver Minions.

The Great Spider wove her web and snared the world just as it was on the brink, or so many of the wise ones are saying.  So there is where the world will hang, suspended, just as the Wyrm does, inside that very web.

Many of the Tribes see their conflict now isn't just against the minions of the Wyrm, but of the Weaver equally so.  However there in lies the great debate... to best the Weaver, means Apocalypse comes.  To continue to fight the Wyrm is a useless struggle, all see that Gaia's death throws have tossed the world into fits, the seas flood the land, the very earth shakes, the skies weep for weeks on end.  However, all but the most stubborn of Traditionalists see this not as Gaia's last gasp, but as the Mother's final gift, the last efforts to finally repel the Wyrm's minions back into their festering pits.

So that is what they do.

The population of the Garou Tribes in most accounts is grim indeed.  The Wendigo fought hard and strong... and alone... and died the same way.  Spirits rushed to tell the Uktena of little brother's sacrifice to stave off the coming disasters that shook the Pure Lands, but it was much too late for Older Brother to come to aid.  The Tribes mourned their passing.

If the Red Talons survived, not many know about it.  Only the spirits have told the other Tribes that the Talons do indeed live, and in fact are growing in numbers, but they have retreated to the wild parts of the world once more, tending to the regrowth of Gaia now that the humans have all fled to their giant flaming cities.  Some among the Talons see this as them always having been right, and now the Impergium can start anew, since the Human's have been so kind enough to gather in centralized locations.

Similarly to the Talons, the Silent Striders are harder to find in 2095. They still exist, but they have returned home, according to the spirits. Their curse placed upon them by the Followers of Set has been broken, and their homeland is once more their own, as are their Ancestors.

The Tribes of Europe fell into infighting, as they always do, Silver Fangs now rule half of Europe, and have strong and deep ties to the Russian Mafiya. Many of those ties they share, begrudgingly, with the Shadow Lords.   The two Tribes fight shadow wars with Vampires of the Sabbat, bloody conflicts in Eastern Europe that fell into the streets as the human wars raged around them.  The third world war saw not only renewed rage in humanity, but also the Garou, many of the two Tribes fell, but dozens were the fallen Vampires for each lost Fang or Lord.  

The Get rage, as Get always do, their foothold in the Amazon, although a lot wetter, is also much larger.  Pentex's back was broken when the world went crazy, and the Amazon war was won, for a time.  The Get of Fenris, like many Tribes, see the Pure Lands as the Broken Lands now, losing Caern after Caern to mutated monsters sweeping out of the Fallout Zones to ravage the land.  The Black Furies stood beside the Get for a time, the odd time the two Tribes got along, fighting to hold back the murderous tide of Spiral Dancers finally overrunning and taking Chicago entirely.

The Children of Gaia, and Fiana pulled back and watched the world thrash and writhe in agony, clinging to their Caerns and kin as tight as they could.  They gave aid where they could, and the ravages of the earth hit them less hard than perhaps others, but in the end, tend to their own is what they did.

The Uktena however, flourished, especially after 2075.  The Tribe mourned the loss of the Wendigo, knowing full well that the entire Tribe would not stop until blood was paid for the Nuclear attacks against their Tribal lands.  They wept knowing the blood was Wendigo blood, they howled when they heard the last of their brothers had fallen in Montana, attacking a Hive deep and dark.  Once the blood was dried however, things happened quickly, the Tribe of Lost Peoples suddenly found that chaos blolstered their numbers, not impact upon it.  Lost cub after lost cub came to the Uktena, and they pulled them close and nurtured them.  Even some took to the Mega Cities, becoming Urban shamans in their own right, standing along side the Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers in thoe never ending urban sprawls.  Magic itself was coming back to the world, and none were better to greet it than the Uktena.

Inside the Mega Cities, the Bone Gnawers also thrived.  Taking in many, and gaining more in their numbers.  It didn't take them long to create a network of information that even the shadowy Nosferatu Vampires envied.  In fact, it didn't take long after the ACG was in place for the Gnawers to be approached by various other creatures of the night, as it were.  Soon they were trading information for food, or weapons, or clothes, or any other number of things, to any other number of denizens of New Babylon.  The information network of the Bone Gnawers, now reaches deep and far inside the ACG, if you want dirt, go find a Gnawer.

The Glass Walkers too have more than survived the tide of the changing world.  Having rode to the peak of technology and made several new allies, many among the Garou now see them as the leaders, the movers, the shakers.  In a world torn asunder by Chaos and Technology, the Glass Walkers are living large.
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From Apocalypse to Present, a History lesson
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