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 Do & Spirit Dragon Kung Fu

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PostSubject: Do & Spirit Dragon Kung Fu   Thu Mar 14, 2013 6:39 pm

Do (pronounced either “dough” or “dao” depending upon who you ask) is the most basic and the most refined of any martial arts. Developed more than 3,000 years ago and perfected ever since, it represents the most efficient and the most elegant hand-to-hand combat style ever developed. While mastery of this art takes many years, serious practitioners realize that the true art of Do is merely relearning the way your own body would move if it were not constrained by fear, doubt, convention, or expectation. Properly executed Do is a form of meditation, an art form, and quite honestly the most deadly martial art on the planet. Also, unlike any conventional martial art it combines the power of the hard martial arts with the grace and cunning of the soft styles.

Do also forms the basis for much of the Akashic Brotherhood’s magick. Do is not in and of itself magical and may be learned by sleepers who have both the proper dedication to learn it, and the good fortune to find someone to teach it to them. However, it can easily serve as a focus for both magick and meditation. This same unity makes it an ideal focus for magick. The Doist’s mind, body, and Avatar are all brought into a uniform harmony, allowing the Mage’s will to reshape the very fabric of reality as their body moves through the precise forms of this art. The unity attained though the use of Do also allows members of the Akashic Brotherhood to perform special rotes known to no one else. Such rotes enhance and make use of the structure of Do, allowing the Doist to perform astounding physical and mental feats.

Learning Do is not just a way of learning to fight, it shapes and molds one's life. The extensive training is not just in unarmed combat, but rather limbs of focus and practice that develope many other skills and talents for a person's use through life.

The Eight Limbs of Do:

Dhyana: The limb of meditation is used to calm the excitable mind and relax the grip of the ego upon the Akashic's consciousness. Tiger, Dragon, Phoenix, the Five Elements and mandalas of movement and design are only a few of the techniques used to liberate the mind.
Abilities: Awareness, Enigmas, Meditation

Prajna: The study of ethics and philosophy, this limb is emphasized for students with impulsive or violent tendencies. From Mo-tzu's pacifistic iconoclasm to the Buddha's sermons, the Akashayana learns to reflexively treat others with compassion and respect by learning the origins of suffering and their solutions, and how they are mirrored in the Tapestry and the laws of karma
Abilities: Academics (Philosophy), Cosmology, Law (Akashic Code)

Karma: Hard work, aside from its sheer utility, focuses a Brother's attention on the here and now and emphasizes the pursuits of a magician. The Limb of Karma teaches a student to treat cooking and cleaning with the same devotion and aesthetic care as occult diagrams or swordplay.
Abilities: Crafts (Artistic or professional skills), Etiquette

Sunyakaya: The Limb of the Empty Body contains the techniques of stealth, illusion and espionage. While these are often cultivated to teach humility through anonymity, their practical use is not necessarily so innocent. The Lin Shen and Sulsa often devote their lives to mastering the sunyakaya arts.
Abilities: Performance, Stealth, Subterfuge

Dharmamukti: Do's unarmed combat techniques are taught to every member of the Brotherhood. The violent years of the Ascension War made this the most popular facet of Do. Katas, sparring and thousands of drills comprise the methods of the "Dharma Clasped Hand". As Sleeper martial arts have developed new innovations, unarmed Do has been adapted to accommodate them, particularly by the Li-Hai and Vajrapani. While they art's techniques comprise practically every effective combative movement ever developed, different styles and teachers often diverge in their methods.
Abilities: Alertness, Do, Dodge

Shastamarga: The Way of the Weapon extends Do beyond the body, teaching the disciple to become one with the tool. A specialty of the Vajrapani, shastamarga is also used by Brothers who wish to perfect the use of an object rather than become better killers. These Akashics often construct complex or extra heavy weapons to challenge their abilities to the limit.
Abilities: Crafts (Weapons), Melee, Strategy

Tricanmarga: The Way of the Triple Struggle includes the secrets of internal alchemy, breath control, athletics and ascetiscm as the student resolves the struggle of the Tiger, Dragon, and Phoenix in his mind, body, and emotions. By taming the microcosm, an Akashic can perform amazing phyiscal feats and act in harmony with the cosmological forces outside himself.
Abilities: Acrobatics, Athletics, Body Control

Jivahasta: The Hand of Life comprises Do's therapeutic and medical arts. These include herbalism, acupuncture, massage, body movement and more mystical methods involving the use of chanting, written charms, and even tattoooing.
Abilities: Academics (Tibetan and Chinese medical theory, Herbalism) Medicine, Survival

Spirit Dragon Kung Fu was developed by the Wu Lung, a faction of Magi from China that recently joined the ranks of the Akashic Brotherhood. This style isn't a combination of magic and physical technique, but rather a system of effective fighting maneuvers. While the Wu Lung have adopted many aspects of The Way from the Akashics, Spirit Dragon Kung Fu remains its own entity.
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Do & Spirit Dragon Kung Fu
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