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Additional Discipline (5-PT Merit)
You can take 1 additional Discipline (Storyteller Discretion) as if it were a Clan Discipline. All costs to learn that Discipline are paid out as if it were native to your Clan. A character can not take this Merit more than once.

Blessed (7-pt Merit)
You are favored by some higher power to the extent that the corrosive touch of Hell does not harm you. You are unaffected by the paths and rituals of Dark Thaumaturgy. Characters with this Merit may never learn Dark Thaumaturgy themselves, and they are affected by "normal" Thaumaturgy as any other character is. Storytellers, if a player wants to take this Merit without it fitting the character concept or having any rational reason, kick the stinking gumby out of your game.

Destiny (4-PT Merit)
You have a great destiny, though you may well not realize it. Your destiny will become more and more apparent as the chronicle continues. Prophecies and dreams guide your way, and grant you clues to your ultimate goal. The sense of direction and security granted by this feeling of destiny helps you overcome fear, depression and discouragement caused by anything not relevant to your destiny. Until your destiny is fulfilled, you may suffer setbacks, but nothing will thwart you permanently. How this is played is up to the Storyteller.

Deceptive Aura (1-PT Merit)
Your aura is unnaturally bright and colorful for a vampire. You register s a mortal on all attempts to read your aura.

Faerie Affinity (2-PT Merit)
Your presence does not frighten faeries; indeed, it attracts them, and you are naturally attuned to their ways. You are able, unlike most Kindred, to enter Arcadia, the mystical kingdom of the faeries, provided you find an entrance.

Guardian Angel (6-PT Merit)
Someone or something watches over you and protects you from harm. You have no idea who or what it is, but you have an idea that someone is looking out for you. In times of great need you may be supernaturally protected. However, one can never count upon a guardian angel. The Storyteller must decide why you are being watched over, and by what (not necessarily an angel, despite the name).

Healing Touch (1-PT Merit)
Normally vampires can only seal the wounds they inflict by licking them. With but a touch, you can achieve the same effect.

Inoffensive to Animals (1- PT Merits)
Unlike most kindred, animals do not actively and instictually dislike being in your presence.

Lucky (3-PT. Merit)
You were born lucky - or else the Devil looks after his own. Either way, you may repeat any three failed rolls per story, including botches, but you may try only once per failed roll.

Magic Resistance (2-PT. Merit)
You have an inherent resistance to the rituals of the Tremere and the spells of the mages of other creeds and orders. The difficulty of all such magic, both malicious and beneficent, is two higher when directed at you. You may never learn the Discipline of Thaumaturgy.

Medium (2-PT. Merit)
You possess the natural affinity to sense and hear spirits, ghosts, and shades. Though you cannot see them, you can sense them, speak to them and, through pleading or cajoling, draw them to your presence. You may call upon them for aid or advice, but there will always be a price.

Nine Lives (6-PT. Merit) (Restricted)
Fate has granted you the opportunity to come as close to Final Death as anyone can get and still survive. When a roll occurs that would result in your death, the roll is made again. If the next roll succeeds, then you live - and one of your nine lives is used up. If that subsequent roll fails, then another reroll is made, until either a successful roll occurs or your nine lives are used up. The Storyteller should keep careful count of how many lives the character has remaining.

Oracular Ability (3-PT. Merit) (Restricted)
You can see and interpret signs and omens. You are able to draw advice from these omens, for they provide hints of the future and warnings of the present. When the Storyteller feels that you are in position to see an omen, you will be required to make a Perception + Occult roll, with the difficulty relative to how well the omen is concealed. If successful, you may then roll Intelligence + Occult to interpret what you have seen, the difficulty again relative to the complexity of the omen.

Occult Library (2-PT Merit)
You possess a library of occult materials, which may include at least one version of the Book of Nod. You are not necessarily familiar with the contents of these volumes of knowledge (that is a function of your Abilities), but in time of need your library can be an invaluable source for research.

Spirit Mentor (3-PT. Merit)
You have a ghostly companion and guide. The identity and exact powers of this spirit are up to the Storyteller, but it can be called upon in difficult situations for help and guidance.

True Love (4-PT. Merit)
You have discovered, perhaps too late, a true love. He or she is mortal, but is the center of your existence, and inspires you to keep going in a world of darkness and despair. Whenever you suffer, the thought of your true love gives you the strength to persevere. This Merit grants you one automatic success on all Willpower rolls, which can be negated only by a botch die. This can be a great gift and also a hindrance, for your true love may require protection and occasionally rescue.

True Faith (7-PT. Merit)
You have a deep-seated faith in and love for God, or whatever name you choose to call the Almighty. You begin the game with one point of True Faith (see p.272); this Trait adds one die per point to all Willpower and Virtue rolls. You must have a Humanity of 9 or higher to choose this Merit, and if you lose even a single point, all your Faith points are lost and may be regained only when the lost Humanity is recovered. Individuals with True Faith are capable of performing magical acts akin to miracles, but the exact nature of those acts is up to the Storyteller.

Unbondable (3-PT. Merit) RESTRICTED
You are immune to being blood bound.

Werewolf Companion (3-PT Merit) (Restricted)
You have a friend and ally who just happens to be a werewolf. Though you may call upon this being in time of need, it also has the right to call upon you (after all, you are friends). However, neither your kind nor its appreciate such a relationship, and your respective societies will punish both of you if your friendship is discovered. Arranging for meeting places and methods of communication will be difficult. The Storyteller will create the werewolf character, but will not reveal to you its full powers and potencies.

Wraith Affinity (2 pt. merit)
Your knowledge of death draws friendly spirits to you. A successful Perception + Occult roll (diff Cool will allow you to communicate with a Wraith for up to one scene.

Beacon of the Unholy (2-PT Flaw)
You radiate palpable evil. Clergy and devout mortals know instinctively that there is something horribly wrong with you, and react accordingly. Churches and other places of worship are barred to you as well.

Cold Breeze (1-PT Flaw)
A chill wind follows you everywhere you go. While it may make for dramatic entrances, this effect also discomfits mortals (+1 difficulty on all appropriate Social rolls) and also endangers the Masquerade. Cold winds sweeping through executive offices or crowded nightclubs can raise all sorts of questions.

Cant Cross Running Water (3-PT. Flaw)
You believe in the old folklore, and cannot cross running water unless you are at least 50 feet above it. Running water is considered to be any body of water at least two feet wide in any direction and not completely stagnant.

Cursed (1-to 5-PT. Flaw)
You are the recipient of a supernatural curse. The strength and pervasiveness of the curse depend upon how many points you wish to incur. Examples follow:
* If you pass on a secret you were entrusted with, your betrayal will come back to harm you in some way. (1 pt.)
* You stutter uncontrollably when you try to describe what you have seen or heard. (2 pts.)
* Tools break or malfunction when you try to use them. (3 pts.)
* You are doomed to make enemies of those whom you most love or admire. (4 pts.)
* Every one of your accomplishments or triumphs will eventually become soiled or fail in some way. (5 pts.)

Cast No Reflection (1-PT. Flaw)
You actually cast no reflection, just like the vampires of legend. This can have a very detrimental effect when trying to pass as a human. Vampires of Clan Lasombra automatically have this Flaw (and you may be mistaken for one of them if you possess this).

Deathsight (2-PT Flaw)
Everything appears rotted and decayed to you. The world appears to you as a corpse; mortals look diseased or skeletal, buildings seem decrepit, and your fellow Kindred seem to be walking, moldering cadavers. You are at -2 difficulty to resist all rolls based on Appearance, but by the same token you are +2 difficulty on all Perception-based rolls. In addition, you find social interaction difficult and are at +1 difficulty on all Social-based rolls.

Devils Mark (1-or 7-pt Flaw)
Somewhere on your body, you have a mark of the Devil upon you. For one point, it appears as a patch of scaly skin, a "witchs claw," a mark resembling the Number of the Beast or something similar. For seven points, you have been obviously disfigured in a diabolical-looking way - vestigial wings, backward-bending knees, cloven hooves - that reduces your Appearance by one and no doubt raises all manner of questions. As if this weren't bad enough already, you're going to attract a lot of attention that may threaten the Masquerade. You may take this flaw at either point value only if you have not made any pact with the infernal. If you have dealt with demons, you're going to earn these all by yourself. If you take this Flaw and later earn another disfigurement through truck with demons, you must pay off the point value with experience points as soon as possible.

Dark Fate (5-PT. Flaw)
You are doomed to experience Final Death or, worse, suffer eternal agony. No matter what you do, you cannot avoid this terrible fate. At some point during the chronicle, your Dark Fate will come upon you. Even more ghastly is the fact that you occasionally have visions of this fate, and the malaise these images inspire requires an expenditure of a temporary Willpower point to avoid, or else you lose a die from all of your actions for the remainder of the night. It is up to the Storyteller to determine the exact nature of this fate, and when it will occur. This is a difficult Flaw to roleplay; ironically, though it may seem as though it removes all free will, the knowledge of ones death can be quite liberating.

Eerie Presence (2-PT. Flaw)
Mortals have an unconscious awareness of your undead nature, which makes then anxious and ill at ease in your presence. Because of this, difficulties of all die rolls relating to social interaction with mortals are increased by two.

Grip of the Damned (4-PT. Flaw)
There is no ecstasy in your Embrace - only terror and pain. Mortals upon whom you feed struggle and shriek all the while as you attempt to feed, requiring you to grapple with them for as long as you wish to take their blood. For vampires with high Humanity, this experience may require a Humanity roll, at the discretion of the Storyteller.

Glowing Eyes (3-PT. Flaw)
You have the stereotypical glowing eyes of vampire legend, which gives you a -1 difficulty on Intimidation rolls when youre dealing with mortals. However, the tradeoffs are many; youre a walking tear in the Masquerade and must constantly disguise your condition (no, contacts dont cut it); the glow impairs your vision and puts you at a +1 difficulty on all sight-based rolls (including the use of ranged weapons); and the radiance emanating from your eye sockets makes it difficult to hide (+2 difficulty to Stealth rolls) in the dark.

Haunted (3-PT. Flaw)
You are haunted by an angry and tormented spirit, most likely one of your first victims. This spirit actively attempts to hinder you, especially when feeding, and does its utmost to vent its anguish upon you and anyone in your presence. The Storyteller determines the exact nature of the spirit, its powers, and whether or not it can eventually be laid to rest.

Infertile Vitae (5 pt Flaw)
During your embrace, something went horribly wrong, causing your blood to mutate under the stress of dying and rising again. All those you try to Embrace die. No matter what you do, you may not create any childer. However, your blood can still be used in the Vaulderie or for any other vampiric need, including making ghouls.
Thin Blood (4-PT. Flaw) (Restricted)
Your blood is thin, weak and does not sustain you well. All blood point costs are doubled (e.g., using blood-related Disciplines or healing damage), and you are unable to create a blood bond. Furthermore, effots to sire other vampires succeed only 20% of the time.

Light-Sensitive (5 pt Flaw)
You are even more sensitive to sunlight than other vampires are. Sunlight causes double normal damage, and even moonlight (which is, after all, the reflected light of the sun) harms you. Indeed, even bright lights can be painful, but that pain can be mitigated by wearing sunglasses. When the moon is shining, the light it casts will cause wounds in the same way sunlight does for normal individuals. However, the wounds caused by the moon are not aggravated, and can be healed normally. Remember, even on nights when the moon is full, it may have already set when you venture outside, or be obscured by the clouds.

Magic Susceptibility (2 pt Flaw)
You are susceptible to the magical rituals of the Tremere, as well as to spells of mages of other creeds and orders. The difficulty to cast a spell upon you is two less, and all spells cast have twice normal effect on you.

Repelled by Crosses (3-PT. Flaw)
You are repelled by the sight of ordinary crosses, believing them to be symbols of holy might. When confronted by a cross, you must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 9) or flee from the symbol for the duration of the scene. If you botch the roll, not only must you attempt to flee, but the touch of the cross can cause aggravated damage (one health level of damage per turn that the cross touches your skin). This damage cannot be soaked, even if the vampire possesses Fortitude.

Repulsed by Garlic (1-PT. Flaw)
You cannot abide garlic, and the smallest whiff of its scent will drive you from a room unless you make a successful Willpower roll (difficulty based on the strength of the odor).

Spoiled Beast (3-pt Flaw)
What the Beast has had before, it wants again, and it wants it now. Any time the player must make a Willpower roll in order for her character to resist a desire, she does so with only as many dice as she has in her Willpower pool, as opposed to her rating. That is, she rolls her current Willpower opposed to her permanent Willpower. This Flaw can be particularly debilitating when it comes to staving off hunger, for example.

Taint of Corruption (1 pt Flaw)
Plants wither when you approach, and will die if you touch them. It is rumored that Caine himself possesses this Flaw.

Touch of Frost (1-PT. Flaw)
Plants wither as you approach and die at your touch. Your touch leeches heat from living beings, as though you are made of ice.

Vulnerability to Silver (2 pt Flaw)
To you, silver is as painful and as deadly as the rays of the sun. You suffer aggravated wounds from any silver weapons (bullets, knives, etc.) and the mere touch of silver objects discomforts you.

Unrepentant Beast (4-pt Flaw)
The Beast leaves its mark on you long after it has run its course and had its way with
you. If you ever botch a Self-Control (or Instinct) roll to resist (or ride the wave of) frenzy, you immediately acquire a compulsion derangement. The Storyteller should determine the nature of the particular compulsion, and you may indeed gain a wide and varied spectrum of compulsions.
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