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 Gift of Morpheus

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PostSubject: Gift of Morpheus   Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:05 pm

This path of Thaumaturgy allows the vampire to put others to sleep and enter their dreams. The path does not allow the vampire to enter a real dream dimension, but rather the mind of the sleeping mortal via some unexplained type of telepathic link. The path has a mental effect, and other mind-influencing Disciplines such as Auspex, Dominate and Presence, may be used in conjunction with this path.

* Cause Sleep
The vampire is able to make a person within her line of sight sleepy just by concentrating. The person may still be awakened by loud noise or someone trying to rouse him.

System: The vampire must make a roll using her own Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty equals her opponent's Willpower +3, to a maximum of 10). Three successes put the target to sleep, while one or two reduces the victim's dice pool by that amount for the next turn. This power only affects vampires if the user spends a point of Willpower.

** Mass Slumber
The vampire can put several individuals to sleep at once. This power only affects mortals, and only those the vampire can see.

System: The vampire makes a Charisma + Leadership roll (difficulty Cool. The number of successes indicates the amount of sleepiness as per Cause Sleep, but each target is affected to the same extent.

*** Enchanted Slumber
The vampire can cause mortals, and even Kindred, to fall into an enchanted slumber from which they cannot awaken until a certain task has been performed (such as a kiss from Prince Charming). The vampire must decide what special condition must he met for the victim to awaken. While the condition does not have to be easy, it should not be impossible.

System: The vampire must roll to determine how long the person can he kept under the enchantment before it wears off on its own. The number of successes on an Intelligence + Subterfuge roll (difficulty equal to the victim's Willpower) determines the maximum duration should the task to break the enchantment remain unfulfilled. The user must also spend a point of Willpower to affect vampires.

* 1 Turn
** 1 Night
*** 1 Week
**** 1 Month
***** 1 Year

**** Dreamscape
This power lets the vampire telepathically project his own image into the mind of a sleeper. The vampire has no real control over the dream, but may utilize any Disciplines or Abilities he possesses in real life while inside the dream. The sleeper may or may nor remember the vampire in their dreams, depending on how well they usually remembers their dreams.

System: The vampire must possess something belonging to the target and succeed in a Wits + Dreaming roll (difficulty equals the target's Willpower, even if the victim is willing). The effect lasts for the length of one dream.

***** Master of Dreams
The Master of Dreams controls the dreams of the sleeper shaping them as the will. The vampire is able to make the person remember or forget the dreams. They may manipulate them in any way they can imagine even to the point of inducing death to the dreamer from sheer terror. Combat can be handled normally. The vampire may use all their Disciplines as if they were awake. If either dies, the death is permanent.

System: The vampire enters the dream as per Dreamscape, but must roll Manipulation + Dreaming (difficulty 7) to affect the dream in any substantial way. Note that once the vampire begins trying to manipulate the dream, the victim can do the same making the same roll. Whomever has the most accumulated successes in any one turn determines what course the dream will take. The Master of Dreams must spend a point of Willpower to enter the dreams of other Kindred (and must make a Humanity or Path roll to remain "awake" during the day).

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Gift of Morpheus
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