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 The Domino Effect

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PostSubject: The Domino Effect   Wed Feb 06, 2013 7:55 pm

Wise mages who wish to avoid the nasty consequences of Paradox will attempt to disguise their magick in coincidental Effects. As the number of wild “coincidences” rise, however, they become harder to pull off. The Storyteller will impose an additional +1 difficulty to coincidental magick difficulty rolls for every two such Effects over the first that scene.

The effects of this penalty are cumulative; after five coincidental magick Effects the difficulty for such magick increases by +2. Storytellers will only count those Effects which cause some massive change – pipes bursting, tires going flat, exploding ammo dumps, etc. Coincidences that no one sees – sensory magick, Attribute increases, objects disappearing into pockets, etc. – will not increase the difficulty at all.
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The Domino Effect
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