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 Stacking Difficulties for Extended Effects

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PostSubject: Stacking Difficulties for Extended Effects   Wed Feb 06, 2013 7:36 pm

Mages can employ shields, boost their physical traits via life, increase their chances of success through Entropy, augment their vision through forces to see in the dark, and a great many other ways of stacking effects on themselves in order to tip the balance in their favor. But, just like in all things that is Mage, it comes with a cost.

The mage suffers a +1 difficulty to each extended effect she has placed on herself. So if the mage has active mind shields and telekenetic shields up, along with increased physical stats, she's at a +3 to cast any arete based effects.

The House rule exception to this is the base sights given by each sphere. They're quick, they're easy to turn on and off, and they are completely coincidental. The First Level of each sphere is generally perception based, so if your mage tosses prime sight into the mix of previous example, the ST's will not increase arete roll difficulties by one for that effect.
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Stacking Difficulties for Extended Effects
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