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 The Void Engineers

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PostSubject: The Void Engineers   Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:07 pm

The place for humanity is the stars, Not only is the Earth too small by far, but it's dying, just look around, and you can see that. Pollution, crime, war: Society is tearing itself apart, and it's taking our world with it. No matter, for we have seen the glory of the universe. Humanity (or the better parts of it, anyway) can settle where we have explored. We have already released primitive rocket-technology to the Masses; soon we will begin to encourage mundane versions of our Deep Universe vessels. When humans have settled on a dozen worlds, the problems of Earth will no longer seem so important. As for us, what will we do then? We have always been explorers. Even before our work settling the near worlds is done, we will be gone again, pushing the frontiers of knowledge. We hope some of the Masses will come with us: for Unity lies in seeking.

Of the entire Technocracy, the Void Engineers are one of the few groups not depicted as being entirely villainous. This in part stems from their relatively tolerant views. For example, they view the digital conflicts with the Sons of Ether in a very sporting manner, much to the annoyance of their colleagues in the Technocracy. Most depictions of the Engineers paint them as being free spirited and as the only Technocrats who place more faith in the Technocracy's initial noble goals than in the oppressive policies of some of their colleagues.
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The Void Engineers
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