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This is a OWoD Revised IRC RPG set in the dark future of 2095. On
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 The Syndicate

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PostSubject: The Syndicate   Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:06 pm

Money makes the world go round - this is the Syndicate's primary ethos. Perhaps their greatest coup is the modern economy, and with their speciality Sphere of Entropy they can make the ones and zeros that govern our lives dance to their tune. They are heavily involved in the media and, along with the New World Order, influence what the Masses buy, and more importantly what they should desire.

The Syndicate run the show, they are the movers and shakers that keep the Union moving as a well oiled machine. Their fingers dip into every aspect of society, tugging at the strings of culture like expert puppeteers.
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The Syndicate
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