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 Giovanni Specific

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PostSubject: Giovanni Specific   Sun Feb 07, 2010 10:16 am

Sanguine Incongruity (5 pt Merit)
Giovanni manifesting this peculiar trait are quite rare -- there are fewer than a dozen reported instances. Those possessing it do not bear the Curse of Lamia; their Kiss causes no more damage than the blood loss itself. However, these vampires acquire a peculiar pallor upon their Embrace -- they look like corpses, and no amount of blood ingestion will flush their features (as other vampires are able to do). Giovanni with this Merit are afforded wide berth, as this Trait is reminiscent of the Cappadocian clan weakness and the Giovanni tend to be quite superstitious about it.

Inbreed (1-5 pt Flaw)
A common occurrence among the Giovanni clan, inbreeding can take many forms, and this Flaw is best discussed with the Storyteller before a player takes it for her character. The Inbred Flaw covers all manner of physical, mental and emotional defects.

*1-PT Inbreeding is something simple and unobtrusive, like eyes too close together or an underbite.
*3-PT Inbreeding is more severe: a congenital health condition (for mortals) or a crippling physical deformity.
*5-PT Inbreedings are grossly disabling or emotionally crippling -- everything from uselessly atrophied legs to a permanent
Derangement, decided on mutually by the player and Storyteller.

Inbred conditions may or may not be immediately discernible, though their point costs should be relative to their magnitude.
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Giovanni Specific
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