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 The Boon System in Kindred Society

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PostSubject: The Boon System in Kindred Society   Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:36 pm


Minor Boon
The creditor has gone out of her way, and put herself to no small inconvenience in order to help the debtor, or it was something of some import to the debtor. Ex: Ensuring havens, using an influence to aid in something minor, aiding someone in combat,

Major Boon
The creditor has gone to great efforts or put herself at some risk in order to help the debtor. This might include being willing to spill her own blood on the debtor's behalf. Major boons also include saving debtors from great injury, embarrassment, or shame. Ex: giving up a ghoul, or pick for the embrace, aiding with a large amount of resources or influence, covering up a major blunder or masquerade breach, ensuring the services of a realm official.

Life Boon
The rarest and most potent of boons, Life Boons are tremendous debts that fundamentally shape the way two vampires relate. Almost all Life Boons involve the saving of the debtor's life, although from time to time Life Boons have been granted where the creditor has put themselves at great risk of Final Death in order to secure something of great import for another vampire.

Extremis Boons
Considered in most cases an unfair request (And provides a great potential for losing status) this boon is the equivalent of a blood bond there is no request that cannot be demanded from this boon.

Incurring Boons
Boons can be acquired in two ways, asking assistance in a matter in return for a favor. Or a vampire renders assistance and therefore can ask(Demand) a favor in return.

Paying Off
You can pay off a boon in four ways, one is by the owner of said boon making a request equal to the size or cost of the boon granted, the second is with a series of smaller favors either requested or done by the one in debt. Three committing an act which gets you out of debt, a single large favor not requested but equal to the debt owed. Four the death of the one you owe the debt to.

Swapping debt can and does occur quite frequently, rather two people trading off each-others debts to cancel it out or simply so two kindred can get what they desire.

The Sheriff owes the Toreador Primogen a Minor Boon and the Toreador Primogen owes the Keeper of Elysium a Minor Boon. It is perfectly acceptable for the Primogen to offer the boon owed to her by the Sheriff to the Keeper to nullify her debt to them.
However you must inform both the harpy AND the one in debt before said debt is called in OR the debt is canceled. (Unless made very much public, and the one in debt is trying to escape their obligations.)

Formality of Prestation
Any attempt by a kindred to try and wriggle out of a prestation debt is met with an immediate and overwhelming force. Harpies are expected to totally trash the reputation of the offender no matter their status. The offender loses as much status as can be taken. Alliances based on past favors melt away (Cannot trust someone who does not hold their end of the bargain) All debts will be called in immediately putting a massive tax on the offenders resources unless they dig an even larger hole for themselves ignoring those boons as well. Any and all deals will come with exorbitant (Near astronomical fees) up front.

AKA Pay back your debts!

Death File: If you attempt to kill the person who holds your debts or pay off others to do so, the acceptable punishment is at the lightest a blood hunt, and the harpies will make sure the entire continent is aware of the crime.

A harpies job has four parts to it. The first part is keeping tabs on all boons, without the harpy recording a boon it is not official and it is therefore up to the debtors and not the realm to keep the promises made. Should a debtor welch on a boon not recorded by a harpy it has no value to any but the one who made the deal. The second part is keeping the realm up on the latest information (Gossip) The failings and successes of individual kindred, and even to keep other officials in check (And to smash those who insult the officials with impunity) The third portion is act as judge for all boons, if someone is holding onto a boon and not agreeing its been paid the harpy can consider it paid and rip away (a point of) status. Or a debtor is demanding more than the boons worth, the harpy can consider the boon paid and rip away status for that as well. If a kindred disagrees with the harpies decision it can go to a council of harpies (However many are in the realm) or the prince. However if both the harpies as a whole or the prince agree with the first harpies decision, things will become even worse for the one who challenged said harpy. The fourth part is to make all are aware if someone has welched on a debt so they can be properly and thoroughly punished.
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The Boon System in Kindred Society
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