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 Ahrimane Specific

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PostSubject: Ahrimane Specific   Sat Nov 19, 2011 11:09 am

Unknown Origin (1-2pt Merit)
Nobody but your sisters is aware that you have undergone the Rite of the Third Birth. For the one point version of this merit people think you are a Gangrel antitribu. For the two point version people think you are a member of the newly independent main Clan. This merit applies to actual members of the Clan and Bloodline and means more than just nobody knows you as an Ahrimane, you can produce a few people to backup your claim as Gangrel or antitribu, possibly
even your sire.

Discipline Affinity (3-7 pt Merit)
You have kept an affinity for your former Gangrel disciplines. For three points you may buy one discipline of your former clan at clan rates, for five points two and for seven points three. Former
Country Gangrel may choose from Protean or Fortitude and City Gangrel from Celerity, Obfuscate and Protean. Obviously the 7 point version of this Merit is meaningless for a former Country Gangrel.

Feline Affinity (1 pt Merit)
Felines of all description react well to the Ahrimanes presence, reduce the difficulty all rolls for interacting with them by two. In addition, the Ahrimane reduces by two the difficulty of any roll that involves felines spirits.

Spirit Magnet (3-7 pt Merit or 2-6pt Flaw)
This is described in the Book of Shadows. In essence it means that the Ahrimane is surrounded by spirits in the Umbra. The spirits attracted to an Ahrimane are always animal spirits, although they may be benign ones (for a Merit) or malevolent ones (for a Flaw). The cost of the Merit or Flaw determines how numerous and powerful the spirits are.

Feline Mannerisms (2 pt Flaw)
Every now and then something about your actions is distinctly catlike in nature. When you are happy you purr, when you get blood on your hands you lick it off, and so on. While other Ahrimanes don’t mind its not good in polite society. Whenever a situation where the character will act in a feline manner comes up, and these are at the Storyteller’s discretion, the player must roll Self- Control or Instincts, difficulty normally 7 although it can vary. A failure means the character acts on impulse without even realising it.

Animal Features (1pt Flaw)
During your time as a Gangrel you have acquired one or more animal features. The number of times you take this flaw determines the number of features that you possess. Every five features you have removes a point in Social Attribute. Since many Ahrimanes were quite young when they were transformed the Storyteller may wish to place a limit on the number of times the Flaw may be taken, generally no more than five times. Strangely enough although the features were acquired before the transformation ritual, most Ahrimanes have animal features of a feline nature. This is partially because having such features is considered a good sign and such Gangrel are more likely to be considered as potential recruits. However, it is not unknown for a Gangrel's feature to actually change during the Rite of the Third Birth, she may start with a wolf's tail, only to awaken when it is over with the tail of a cat.
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Ahrimane Specific
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