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 Ahrimane only Combos

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PostSubject: Ahrimane only Combos   Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:07 pm

Sight of the Spirit
This power lets the Ahrimane peer through the Gauntlet, the barrier that
separates the physical world from the spiritual one.

Required: Spiritus 1, Auspex 2
Cost: 10 experience

System: The Ahrimane rolls Perception + Occult, difficulty the local Gauntlet. The more successes she scores, the more clearly she may see, and hear and smell, into the Umbra. While doing this, she
cannot see into the real world.

Sign of the Beast
By combining her limited shapeshifting powers of Protean with her ability to call on the powers of the animal spirits the Ahrimane may ask the spirits to control her shapeshifting. This enables the Ahrimane to grow a fully functional animal feature such as a tail, fins or wings. While this power only needs to be learnt once, the ability to grow a particular animal feature requires that the Ahrimane makes a bargain with the animal spirits in question. The spirits will want something quite considerable in return, sometimes wishing to take control of the Ahrimane’s body for agreed periods of time so they can act in the mortal world. Once the bargain is struck the Ahrimane can use
features from that animal whenever she likes, as long as she has kept her end of the deal.

Required: Spiritus 3, Protean 2
Cost: 15 experience

System: The Ahrimane must spend a blood point and roll Stamina + Animal Ken, difficulty 7. The transformation takes one turn and will last for the rest of the scene. The abilities transferred by the power will depend on what feature the Ahrimane grows.

Spirit Claws
All vampire’s Feral Claws are dangerous weapons, but some Ahrimanes have learnt to extend their reach. Using their knowledge of how to effect spirits and their energies they can manipulate the
energies of the Beast in their claws to effect the spirit world.

Required: Spiritus 4, Protean 2
Cost: 20 experience

System: The Ahrimane must spend a Blood Point and grow the Feral Claws as normal. To attack into the Penumbra requires the expenditure of an additional Blood Point and a Dexterity + Brawl roll, difficulty 7, or the local Gauntlet, whichever is higher. This attack can be
dodged and soaked as normal and is considered Aggravated Damage.

Shape of Many Creatures
This power is a more advanced form of the Sign of the Beast. With greater knowledge of shapeshifting the Ahrimane can now call upon an animal spirit and
assume its form.

Required: Spiritus 3, Protean 4
Cost: 25 experience

System: The Ahrimane must roll Stamina + Animal Ken, difficulty 7. The
transformation costs 1 blood point and takes three turns, or additional blood may
be spent to speed the this up, each extra point reduces the number of turns by one,
to a minimum of one. The powers and attribute changes will depend on the animal whose shape she assumes. The size of the animal cannot be smaller than a rat or larger than a buffalo.
As with Sign of the Beast an appropriate animal spirit must be bargained with for each different form the Ahrimane wishes. Bargains made with spirits for growing animal features do not carry over to full transformations.
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Ahrimane only Combos
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