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 I-M of Combos

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PostSubject: I-M of Combos   Tue May 17, 2011 1:52 pm

Instantaneous Transformation - Celerity 2 , Protean 5 or Obtenebration 5 24 Experience Points to learn.

Almost exclusive to the Templars (a handful of Archons have learned this power, but they are exceptionally rare), Instantaneous Transformation allows the character to undergo a shifting of shape (either Tenebrous Form, Shape of the Beast, or Mist Form) in a single turn for the normal expenditure of blood.

System: The character must roll Stamina + Survival (difficulty 7) and spend the normal cost associated with the shift (one Blood Point for Shape of the Beast or Mist Form, three for tenebrous Form). If the roll is successful, the change takes only a single turn, rather than the three normally demanded. Failure indicates that the shift takes the standard three turns, and a botch means that the blood was spent but the power does not take effect. If the character wishes to use this power for both Obtenebration and Protean, she must buy it twice, once for each Discipline. This power could conceivably be purchased with other shape-shifting Disciplines (such as Serpentis) at the Storyteller's prerogative.

Iron Facade - Fortitude 1 , Obfuscate 3 10 Experience Points to learn

Battles are often won not by the strength or weaponry of the combatants, but in the psychology of war. The appearance of invulnerability is often sufficient to unsettle or even rout a superior foe. With this power, the Archon or Templar creates just such an appearance, seeming to shrug off heavy or even near-crippling blows like so much water. This power is most commonly found among Archons, but its use among Templars is not unknown.

System: The player rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty 6). If successful, the character appears to be unwounded and functioning at full capacity regardless of how badly injured he actually is. This power does not actually heal wounds or reduce dice-pool penalties; it simply appears to do so, making it impossible for the enemy to judge the character's true state. The power lasts for a scene or until the character reaches the Incapacitated health level. A vampire with Auspex can see through this power if her Auspex exceeds the character's Obfuscate.

Iron Heart - Potence 3 , Presence 3 Brujah Only 18 Experience Points to learn

Some Brujah can steel themselves against even the most forceful extensions of other Kindred's will. By calling upon their physical strength and what some vampires suspect is sheer id, the Brujah can shrug off the effects of mental suggestion and supernatural force of personality. Young Kindred tell tales of bold Brujah even ignoring the attempts of Princes to Dominate them — likely a use of this power.

System: Increase the difficulty by two for Kindred wishing to employ Dominate, Presence, or mind-controlling powers of Thaumaturgy against a Brujah with this power. Also, a Kindred may use Iron Heart to strengthen the will of another: The player spends one Willpower Point, and the subject of her choice becomes harder to affect, adding one to the difficulties of Dominate, Presence, and Thaumaturgical mind control attempts for the remainder of the scene.

King Of The Hill - Fortitude 2 , Presence 2 12 Experience Points to learn

A character who possesses this power cannot be knocked off her feet. Even if a stampeding animal charges her or a car runs her over, the Kindred remains rooted to the spot, adamantly refusing to yield her posture. This power was developed by a gang leader in the Anarch Free State, who is rumored to have met her Final Death after being hit by a train in an attempt to see just how far the power would protect her. Unfortunately for this Anarch, King Of The Hill doesn't confer any extra resistance to damage, it merely prevents the Kindred from being knocked aside or to the ground.

System: This power is considered "always on," simply, the character cannot be knocked aside or down — she stands her ground. Whatever caused the impact must yield instead. In most cases, this presents no problem, as the person hitting the character absorbs the stress instead. In some cases, however, this power is a downright threat to the Masquerade, as a car will rebound off the character as if it hit a telephone pole. If the impact of whatever causes the damage is so great that it kills the Kindred, this power immediately ceases to work, and her corpse (or whatever remains of it) is battered aside. This is presumably why the train that hit the gang boss wasn't derailed. Small objects, such as bullets, may also "blow through" at the Storyteller's discretion, though they are just as likely to be lodged in the Kindred's body.

Lessons in the Steel - Auspex 1 , Fortitude 3 15 Experience Points to learn

For many brave Hand members, the words of Nietzsche are words of wisdom: Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Some take this idea to a cunning if fanatical extreme, developing the mystical ability to determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of an opponent by willingly suffering the enemies blows. Knowledge is power, and any such Cainite wounded in this way is now gifted with power that may then be used against her enemy. This power is for Black Hand members only.

System: In order to invoke this power, he character must first suffer an attack from an opponent that successfully inflicts a minimum of one health level of damage of any kind. Upon taking this wound, the character's player rolls Stamina + Occult (difficulty of the attacker's Willpower). Each success on this roll allows her to uncover one piece of information about the attacker's martial capabilities, starting with the most relevant.

Life song - Dominate 1 , Presence 1 10 Experience Points to learn

This power allows the Ventrue to assess any single statement made by the subject and look for the essence of that subject's being beneath the words she speaks. The Ventrue needs to speak no words himself; he simply interprets the statement offered to him.

System: The player makes an Intelligence + Empathy roll (difficulty equal to the subject's Manipulation + Expression). With even a single success, the Ventrue determines the subject's Demeanor from the statement, finding profound meaning in the most common of utterances. This power works only upon living creatures — Kindred lack the spark of life that colors the words they speak.

Loki's Gift - Animalism 4, Protean 4 18 Expirence Points to learn

With this power a vampire can assume the form of the last living thing she fed on, human or animal. The vampire gains a perfect immitation of the creature's physical form but none of its powers or knowledge.

System: The vampire must activate this power right after drinking from a living being no larger then a bear. The transformation requires 3 BP. The pllayer rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge (diff 9) and remains transformed for one hour per success. Duration can be extended by spending blood points, each point gaining an extra hour. If the vampire feeds from any vessel but that which she is immitating while transformed the power ends instantly. Botching the roll to assume the form means that the transformation fails and can never be attempted again.
The transformation is perfect, even duplicating the victim's aura for Auspex 2. This power can also be learned as a Protean 6 variant.

Maddening Halo - Auspex 2, Dementation 3 10 Expireince Points to learn

With this clever power, a Malkavian can paint her aura with insane whorls of light and color to disuade scrying. Anyone peering at her with Soulsight finds themselves driven mad by the vision of her aura.

System: The vampire spends one turn in concentration and rolls Manipulation + Expression diff 6. The effect lasts for one scene. Anyone using Auspex 2 on the vampire risks madness. If the victim doesn't score as many successes on the Soulsight attempt as the player rolled when activating Maddening Halo, the spying character gains a derangement for a number of nights equal to the difference. The derangement is one that currently affects the Malkavian using Maddening Halo.

Memory Rift - Obfuscate 2, Presence or Dominate 2 14 Expirience Points to learn

Invoking this power causes a subject to forget the user's presence during a single scene or specific event. The cainite invokes her power to vanish from the mind's eye and compels the subject to think she was never there at all. A few Nosferatu use this power to conceal feeding, leaving victims drained and disoriented but otherwise unaware of their violation.

System: This power works on only one target at a time but can be used multiple times to affect groups of people. The player spends one BP and rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge against a difficulty of the target's Willpower. If the vampire successes, all memories of the vampire's presence during the scene are removed. The vampire using this power must remove himself from the subject's awareness within five minutes and stay out of sensory range for a full hour or the power will fail.

Martyr's Resilience - Auspex 4 , Fortitude 7 35 Experience Points to learn

Reputedly pioneered by the Salubri bloodline, this power has been demonstrated by members of several other Clans as well. Martyr's Resilience allows the vampire to choose to absorb injuries inflicted upon anyone whose blood she has tasted. This power is not necessarily used for selfless means — several Venture in London command small criminal armies of ghouls who seem to possess a disturbing degree of immunity to bullets.

System: The vampire must have ingested at least one Blood Point of the subject's blood within the past year to employ this power, and must be within eyesight of the subject when the injury is inflicted. The player spends a Blood Point to activate this power, and the action must be declared before the initial victim rolls to soak the damage. As a result, a number of health levels of damage equal to the character's Stamina are transferred from the initial target of the attacker to the character. This damage is considered to have been inflicted directly on the character and is soaked normally. Any damage in excess of the character's Stamina is inflicted on the initial recipient of the damage, who soaks it normally as well. The use of this power cannot be forced to use it, even through Dominate or other powers of that sort.

Masque of Judas - Auspex 4, Obfuscate 3 20 Experience Points to learn

This insidious power allows the user to peel back an opponent's mind and take from it the image of someone the target loves or, failing that, someone for whom he cares deeply. The image found therein then transfers onto the user. Sadistic removers use this power to destroy opponents using the face of their own loved ones. This has the effect of shaking an opponent's confidence, sometimes so completely that he is too horrified to act at all for a time. As the user has no choice but to immediately adopt whatever likeness is found in a target's mind, this power must be used carefully outside of combat situations. This power is for members of the Black Hand only.

System: The chosen target must be within sight of the user for this power to work. The character's player spends a Blood Point and rolls Manipulation + Performance (difficulty of the target's Willpower). With even one success, the image is pulled from the target's mind and instantly adopted by the user of this power. Being attacked is so jarring that the target must immediately roll Willpower (difficulty 6) or suffer a difficulty penalty equal to the number of successes the player achieved on her activation roll, for a like number of turns, on any actions taken against the user. Each success on the target's Willpower roll reduces this penalty (and the effect's duration) by one. Utter failure results in the loss of a full turn's actions as he stands helpless before the image of his loved one. In this event, all subsequent actions taken against the image of the loved one for the rest of the scene are made at a difficulty of 10. The target may spend Willpower on any given turn to reduce these penalties. The masque itself is temporary, lasting for only one turn per success rolled.

Memory Rift - Obfuscate 2 , Presence 2 10 Experience Points to learn

Invoking this power causes a single subject to forget the user's presence during a single scene or specific event. The Kindred merely invokes her mystic ability to vanish from the mind's eye and then convinced the subject through force of charisma that he was never even there in the first place. The subject's memory of the Kindred's attendance at the event in question fades like fog at morning's light.

System: This power works on only one subject at a time, but it may be used multiple times to alter the memories of multiple individuals. The Kindred spends a Blood Point and the player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge (difficulty equal to the subject's Willpower). If the Kindred is successful, the memory of the her participation in the event of her choice vanishes from the subject's memory. The subject often remembers the event itself, but not the participation or presence of the Kindred using this power. She may even go so far as to construct and believe "logical" courses of events, such as an individual "slipping" off a bridge when in actuality he was pushed. Note that the memory is still present (and may be found with certain applications of Dominate and similar powers), but it is repressed, ignored, or otherwise covered up subconsciously. The Kindred invoking this power must leave the subject's vicinity within five minutes of the power's use, and thereafter remain out of his sensory range for at least an hour. Failure to do so means the power fails, possibly in the form of the memory "flooding back" to the subject's consciousness.

Mind's Eye - Auspex 4 , Dominate 3 25 Experience Points to learn

With this power, an Archon or Templar can actually experience a memory belonging to someone else. Sight, sound, scent, and other details — all are potentially just as intense as they were for the subject when they first occurred. While Mind's Eye can be used on a cooperative subject who simply wishes to provide the most accurate report possible, it is often used as a form of interrogation and intelligence gathering.

System: The character must make eye contact with the subject (unless she possesses a power that allows her to use Dominate with touch or at a distance, in which case she may use these other techniques instead), and the player must spend a Blood Point. If the subject is cooperating, or is an unwilling mortal or Kindred of higher generation than the character, the character need merely make a Perception + Subterfuge roll, difficulty 6. If the subject is both unwilling and a Kindred of equal or lower generation, she may resist with an opposed willpower roll, difficulty 6; successes on this roll subtract from the character's own. The character may attempt to locate a specific memory in one of two ways. She may either search by time ("Let me see what was happening to you yesterday at midnight") or by event ("I'm going to find out what you said to him at your last meeting!"). A botch instead allows the subject to see one of the character's memories (chosen randomly by the Storyteller) and renders that subject immune to any further uses of Mind's Eye by that specific character for the remainder of the scene. The clarity of the memories experience depends on the successes rolled and the time elapsed since the events actually occurred. The elapsed time indicated on the table below is for clear, accurate memories only; the character can actually experience memories of one category older, but with a substantial loss of detail and accuracy (Storyteller's call as to what is correct and what is not).

Successes Age of Memories Available
1 success Within the last hour
2 successes Within the last day
3 successes Within the last week
4 successes Within the last month
5 successes Within the last year

Mortal Terror - Protean 4 , Vicissitude 3 18 Experience Points to learn

While the power of Quell the Beast is certainly useful if you're trying to soothe or quiet someone, sometimes you need something a bit more dramtic. Mortal Terror focuses the power of Dread Gaze directly on another Kindred's Beast, bypassing the conscious mind entirely. This can potentially drive a vampire into immediate Rotschreck. This power is available to both Archons and Templars.

System: The character must either touch her target or make eye contact, and the player must succeed in a contested roll (Charisma + Intimidation vs. the target's Willpower, both difficulty 7). If the character accumulates more successes than the victim has dots of Courage, the power takes effect and Rotschreck overwhelms the victim. The victim may begin making Courage rolls in an attempts to fight of Rotscreck starting the next turn. Until he accumulates five successes, he will continue to flee from the character by the fastest and most direct route. Invoking this power spuriously is dangerous. Should the character botch the roll to invoke the power, the victim must immediately roll Self-Control to resist frenzy, rather than Rotscreck.
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