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 A-C of Combos

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PostSubject: A-C of Combos   Tue May 17, 2011 12:36 pm

Armour of Darkness - Obtenebration 4, Fortitude 2 20 Experience Points to learn

Most Lasombra have numerous retainers and servitors who advance the Cainite's machinations. Still, there are some Lasombra who maintain active roles in particularly sensitive plots, even if it means venturing into the dangerous realm of daylight. These uncommon vampires develop a technique for protecting themselves from the sun's deadly effects. Blending the Discipline of Obtenebration and Fortitude, a Cainite wraps herself in the stuff of shadow. This creates a dark mantle that shields her from the sun's rays and the harmful effects of fire

System: The player spends a Willpower point and two Blood Points, then rolls against Willpower (difficulty Cool. The number of successes equals the number of dice which may be added to soak rolls against the effects of sunlight and fire (this is in addition to the Fortitude of the character). The Cainite must concentrate on maintaining the armor but may perform other actions and use her disciplines as usual (the difficulty of all such actions is increased by one while this power is in effect). If she fails to soak any damage, the vampire resolves fire effects and Rotschreck normally.

This power sheathes the character in shadows that resemble a shapeless cloak. A manipulation + Craft roll (diff 6) may be used to mold the darkness into a specific form, like clothing, robes or even a suit of plate mail. Any part of the body not covered by this shape is not protected. A few Lasombra are said to have this shadow armor about them always; cowled and black-clad Cainites may not be wearing heavy wool, but the very substance of darkness given shape.

This ability is guarded closely by its few practitioners. The character must first find a Cainite skilled in using Armor of Darkness, and then Persuade her to pass on its secrets.

Anticipatory Locution - Auspex 4 , Obfuscate 3 20 Experience Points to learn

A refinement to Anticipatory Visage, this power was created in an attempt to mitigate the difficulties involved in passing yourself off as someone when you don't know who you're supposed to be. When Anticipatory Locution is active, the target not only sees whom he expects to see but also hears what he expects them to say. This works for short phrases only, not entire conversations, so the vampire can still trip herself up quite easily if she's not careful. Still, Anticipatory Locution is good for covering small gaffes or for getting around code words and passwords.

System: This power does not require the expenditure of blood, as it is considered active when the user has succeeded in invoking Anticipatory Visage. Any time the character utters a short answer to a question (no more than a single moderate sentence or so), the player may make a roll of Manipulation + Subterfuge(difficulty 7). If successful, the target hears the answer he would have expected from whoever he believes the character to be. This power breaks down in long conversation or under in-depth questioning, and it can be seen (heard) through with Auspex if the Kindred's Auspex is greater than the character's Obfuscate.

Anticipatory Visage - Auspex 4 , Obfuscate 3 24 Experience Points to learn

This power was first developed by an investigative Archon who was frustrated by his inability to sneak into the gathering of a Gehenna cult because he didn't know as whom to disguise himself. Anticipatory Visage allows the Kindred to appear as whomever the target most expects to see in a given circumstance. The character herself has no control over who she appears to be, and may not even be immediately aware of what form she's taken.

System: The player spends a Blood Point and makes a manipulation + Performance roll (difficulty 6). If successful, the character immediately takes the form (per Mask of a Thousand Faces) of the individual the target most expected. If faced with more than one person, the character must select one individual as the target and hope that the others expect to see the same person. The character is not immediately aware of the form she has taken, and may have difficulty carrying the ruse further than the initial contact. While this power provides the form of the expected individual, it does not provide any knowledge of her personality or memories; the character must be exceedingly careful not to give herself away through suspicious behavior. A vampire with Auspex can see through this power if her Auspex exceeds the character's Obfuscate.

Aspect Of Beast - Animalism 3 , Dominate 3 15 Experience Points to learn

By calling upon another Kindred's Beast, an anarch using this power causes his subject to display the mien of an animal. In some cases, the subject actually resembled a literal beast-man hybrid, but in most situations, people affected by this power are left with a vague and unsettling impression that the personality of this power reminds them uncomfortably of an animal.

System: The player invoking this power spends a Willpower Point, or a Blood Point if she knows the Nature of the character she wishes to afflict with an animal aspect. The player also rolls Manipulation + Expres​sion(difficulty 6). The subject of this power is the person who looks upon the character with the animal aspect. The subject sees the character as if she has some animal characteristic. A cold Ventrue might appear as a shark, while a cunning Nosferatu might appear as a loathsome fox. If the subject's Willpower is less than 3, the character literally appears as a "beast-man" and probably causes some sort of panicked reaction. Subjects with Willpower scores above three are left with the distinct impression that the character reminds them of an animal. Roleplay this reaction accordingly, or simply add two to all Social difficulties faced by the animal-aspected character. The animal impression conjured should be a logical result of the character's given personality. A timid character, for example, is unlikely to appear as a bear, while a noble character probably does not have the aspect of a snake. The Storyteller is the final arbiter of whether or not a certain aspect is suitable to a given character and how the affected character (if someone other than a power's character is affected) reacts. Note that this power is an application of the Dominate Discipline. The Kindred invoking the Discipline must be of equal or lower Generation than her subject, or the power simply fails to work. Additionally, this power affects only one character at a time. That is, each use of this power convinces one character of another person's animal nature. The user may convince multiple people that the character in questions is somehow bestial, and she may even choose a different animal for various subjects to see, but doing so requires separate uses of this power. The number of successes on the Manipulation + Expression roll determines this power's duration.

1 success One scene
2 successes One night
3 successes One week
4 successes One month
5 successes One year

Aura of Inescapable Truth - Dominate 4, Presence 4 21 Experience Points to learn

A vampire with this power can ensure that only truth is spoken in his presence. All beings who speak within earshot of the Cainite are incapable of telling a deliberate untruth while this power is active. Those who attempt to tell a lie will choke on their own words, unable to speak. Those affected by this power may impart mistaken information if they are not aware that they are not telling the truth.

Use of this power it obvious to all whom it affects, and it in no way restricts them from leaving the area of effect. Once a target is no longer in the presence of the vampire, she is no longer affected.

System: The player rolls Charisma + Leadership with the difficulty equal to the highest Willpower score among all the targets being affected. The player must also expend one point of Willpower for every three, or fraction of three targets. If Aura of Inescapable Truth is used on Cainites, it affects only those of lesser generation than its user, as with other uses of Dominate.

1 success - The next statement must be truthful
2 successes - Those affected must speak the truth for the next full minute
3 successes - Those affected must speak the truth for the next 10 minutes
4 successes - Those affected must speak the truth for the remainder of the scene
5 or more successes - Those affected must speak the truth for as long as they stay in the user's presence.

The Badger's Hide - Fortitude 1 , Protean 4 Gangrel only 12 Experience Points to learn this power

As might be suspected, the Protean-based combination power was developed by a Gangrel. When the Kindred uses this power, her skin becomes tough and leathery to the touch. As a badger's hide repels the stings of bees while it takes their honey, so does the vampire's skin repel attacks that would pierce her flesh.

System: This power costs one Blood Point to activate. For the remainder of the scene, any attacks that pierce (but not cut) — Storytellers, make a suitable judgment call), such as stabbing knives or impaling spikes and spears, have their damage halved after the character soaks. Round down, though any successful attack that doesn't soak does a minimum of one health level of damage.

Beast Meld - Animalism 3 , Protean 6 Gangrel Only 30 Experience Points to learn

Gangrel this familiar with bestial nature and the malleability of form may hide themselves away in the beasts of the earth, rather than in the earth itself. The vampire does not directly control or possess the animal for this period, but the animal will follow certain pre-set directions or instructions to the best of its ability. This allows the Gangrel remarkable latitude for travel, as the animal's body shields her from the rays of the sun. It is also an exceptionally good way to hide; like with Earth Meld, the vampire's essence is suspended mystically, but the animal's essence is enshrouds her, making detection next to impossible without involved dramaturgical rituals or similarly arcane means. Some Gangrel put this ability to more violent use in setting up ambushes. More than one poacher of exotic animals has been sent eternally packing when his fur-bearing prize disgorged a vengeful vampire. The animal host chosen by the Gangrel is affected by his passenger's nature. The animal avoids bright light where possible, and becomes noticeably bold and aggressive although it will not frenzy in a vampiric manner. Those creatures that carry Gangrel for decades become legendary and may develop supernatural characteristics; locals may speak of the puma with eerily glowing eyes, or the stag with horns of iron that families have seen for generations.

System: The character must choose a suitable animal vessel to "ride," one that is large enough to cover at least her smallest beast form as a guideline. The player spends three Blood Points and makes a Charisma + Animal Ken roll (difficulty 6). The interment is automatic, and the successes on the roll indicate the vampire's degree of success in communicating her wishes to the animal. Three successes are enough to ensure total compliance (within the animal's ability); with only one or two successes, the vampire may find herself somewhere she didn't wish to go, only part way to her destination, or just plain lost. The animal may be instructed to travel to a certain place, to remain in a certain area, or to find a person meeting a simple description. The vampire must also set a condition for emerging from her animal host, such as "after one week," "when attacked," or "upon reaching my destination" — although the last is dangerous if the Gangrel does not establish sufficient rapport within the creature. The animal host gains the benefit of his rider's Fortitude for purposes of resisting damage. If, however, the animal host is killed by violence, the Gangrel is immediately expelled from the body. Animals will not die of old age while "ridden" by a vampire, but will expire quickly after the vampire's emergence. The Gangrel does not take the damage inflicted on her host unless that damage is caused by fire, in which case she may soak with her Fortitude as normal. The Gangrel continues to spend one blood point at sunset as usual. A vampire who drops into Torpor due to lack of blood will remain in the animal until awakening, unless the animal is violently killed.

Birth The Vozhd - Animalism 6 , Vicissitude 6 36 Experience Points

While the creation of vozdh was once the sole province of Koldunic ritual, Tzimisce who have mastered both Fleshcraft and Control Of The Beast Within can build vozdh as well. The ingredients: At least 15 ghouls (20 or more is preferable). First, the Tzimisce Fleshcrafts the ghouls together, forging the bodies into a single entity. The Fiend feeds the corporate mess a concoction of the blood of the ghouls, creating something like a Vinculum among them. This bond in place, the Fiend uses Animalism to coalesce the Beasts of the ghouls into one insane and imperfect Beast that drives the vozdh to crush or devour everything in sight.

System: After the Tzimisce collects enough ghouls, roll her Intelligence + Body Craft (difficulty 10) to determine how quickly she constructs and "masters" the vozdh. With one success, the process takes as long as a year; with five, it might only take a month. The Fiend can make further Vicissitude modifications to her creation (raise the difficulties of such rolls by 2 to reflect the size and complexity of the creature). Botches result in a nonviable biohazard or a frenzied, uncontrollable vozdh. Also note that vozdh, driven by their flawed Beasts, are notoriously difficult to control. Raise the difficulty of all Animalism rolls involving a vozdh by three.

Bliss - Dominate 2 , Presence 3 Toreador Only 14 Experience Points to learn

Many Toreador assert that their "Clan Curse" is no curse at all, but a blessing. Those who learn the secret of Bliss are the loudest making this claim. Any Toreador who regards a scene or work of great beauty is prone to fall into an aesthetic stupor. This trance is the antithesis of the ugly fury of the Beast. Those familiar with the poser of Bliss can recall beauty almost as intimately as if it were before them and use this as a reservoir of inner strength. The recollection of past happiness serves as a bulwark when threatened with the irrational desires, frenzies, and fears of the Beast. Further, the Kindred may project this sense of pleasure upon another, calming them from the throes of rage or frenzy.

System: To use this power, a Toreador needs to deliberately enter a trance while watching, listening to, looking at some work of art or embodiment of beauty. The duration of this trance is determined normally: The Toreador sits enthralled until the song ends, or the dance is finished, or until the piece of art is covered. (Few choose to use this power with paintings for that reason). Within one scene after the trance ends, the player makes an Intelligence + Survival roll. If the roll is successful, the vampire may temporarily increase her Self-Control, Conscience, or Courage by a single dot. This increase lasts for the remainder of the scene. The difficulty of the roll is equal to double the Trait's current rating: A vampire with Self-Control 4 has to roll an 8 to gain another temporary point of Self-Control. Only one Virtue can be increased at a time. Furthermore, the source of the trance has to be appropriate for the Virtue. Looking at David's "Oath of the Horati" or listening to the first movement of Holst's "The Planets" could bolster one's Courage but not Self-Control. When a Kindred uses Bliss to steel the resolve of another, the roll to activate the power is Wits + Expression. Additionally, difficulties for using Bliss on someone other than oneself increase by one. Botching any Bliss roll results in the loss of a Willpower point (minimum 1). Bliss can be used only by vampires on the Path of Humanity.

Body Armory - Protean 3 , Vicissitude 3 20 experience points to learn

This power enables the vampire to form wicked weapons from her own body. The vampire may create sword blades, axes, and even spiked mauls, and these weapons do terrible damage to their targets. Many Tzimisce make sword-arms and knife-bladed knuckles and the like, but more dramatic implementations are possible.

System: This power costs two Blood Points per weapon crafted (though larger weapons like two-handed swords and great axes cost four), and the player must roll Dexterity + Body Crafts (difficulty 7). Weapons created in this manner cause aggravated damage (from the Protean Discipline); lesser weapons that do only lethal damage may be created using Fleshcraft and Bonecraft.

Burning Wrath - Celerity 3 , Potence 3 Brujah Only 15 Experience Points to learn

This power's origin is lost to the Brujah, though many of its more combative members have learned the secret, indeed, its use is very widespread, particularly among the less genteel ranks of the clan. When the Brujah activates this power, she becomes capable of striking an enemy with devastating power many times in succession — each punch or kick actually impacts the foe multiple times, all of which carry the full force of the Brujah's supernatural strength. The blood used during this power's activation also causes the Kindred's flesh to blush a violent crimson. In some cases, visible waves of blood-heat emanate from her body or a red mist envelopes her.

System: The player spends one Blood Point for each use of Burning Wrath, whether or not the character actually hits the target. On the Kindred's next attack, all brawling damage she does is aggravated, including damage done through the extra successes imparted by her Potence. Burning Wrath may even be used multiple times in a single turn, on split actions, or Celerity actions, so long as the player spends the requisite Blood Point for each attack.

Call Upon The Blood - Animalism 3 , Auspex 3 18 Experience Points to learn

Used by Anarchs to scout out the strongholds of hated enemies, this power allows the Kindred to "feel" for the Beast in the immediate vicinity. The Animalism aspect of this power attunes the Kindred to any creature that harbors a Beast, and the Auspex element allows her to interpret it and extend her senses beyond the normal limits. Doing so allows the scout to know approximately how many Kindred or ghouls are in the area.

System: The player spends a Blood Point and rolls Perception + Animal Ken. If the roll is successful, the character gains a fairly accurate impression (give or take an entity) of how many Kindred and ghouls are in close proximity. The distance to which this sense extends depends upon the successes accumulated on the roll. Storytellers, note that this power calls to the presence of Kindred and ghouls in the Anarch's own retinue. Also, because it prods the Beast in beings to see if it's there, particularly aware Kindred and ghouls might feel their Beast awaken or recoil as the power takes effect, perhaps alerting them to the presence of some disquieting presence. The sensory information gleaned by this power is also unsettling: Inviting the Beast in so many creatures to take note of oneself is bold, to say the least. Be wary of players using this power as a default "Detect Kindred spell." Cainites who rely too much on provoking the Beast in so many others may find themselves on the verge of frenzy, as it tempts their own Beast each time they use it.

Chaos Fold - Dementation 4 , Domninate 4 24 Experience Points to learn

Malkavians among the Anarchs are more common than one might think, and this power proves just how much they can offer the movement if they truly take it to heart. This power allows a Malkavian to "fold" a latent derangement into the mind of a subject and key it to manifest at a certain event. Until the event takes place, the subject is unaffected by the derangement, and it may subsequently vanish thereafter, but to the Anarchs, that's the beauty of this power. It makes the victim completely capricious and unreliable, which can be a boon if they're trying to make a case against someone's credibility.

System: The player selects a derangement and rolls Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty 6 if she's trying to implant a derangement that the character using the power already suffers; difficulty 8 if she does not suffer the derangement himself). The subject may resist with a Willpower roll (difficulty 7). If the character invoking the power gains more successes, she implants the derangement, otherwise the power fails. The trigger event can be as specific or as vague as the Kindred wishes, from "when you next meet with the prince" to "the next time you feel hunger on a Friday after midnight." When the circumstances are right, the subject suffers a full-blown attack of the derangement in question. If the Kindred obtained five successes on the resisted roll, the derangement manifests permanently at that point. Note that this is a Dominate power as well. As such, it required eye contact and that the user be of equal or lower Generation than the subject. The subject will not necessarily know what's happening as the character puts the derangement in place. In fact, unless he's particularly suspicious or the situation is suitably uncommon, he probably won't give it a second thought.

Circumspect Revelation - Celerity 1 , Obfuscate 3 or Vicissitude 2 12 Experience Points to learn.

This fairly common secret allows Hand members to quickly and selectively drop any Obfuscate or Vicissitude they may be using to cover their crescent moon tattoos, revealing their status as one of Caine's Chosen to a chosen target within sight — and to that target only. Any and all other onlookers will see nothing out of the ordinary take place, even if staring directly at the user of this power. This power is for Black Hand members only.

System: The user of the poser spends a Blood Point and chooses a target within line of sight. At that moment, whatever magic that conceals the mark from public view drops, but only to the senses of the target of the power. To the chosen target, a brief "moment outside a moment" occurs, wherein he has ample time to see the mark for what it is before the power ends and time catches up to both user and target. To all others, the user simply stands there motionless during this time. Only those with Auspex ratings of four or higher will even have a chance to see that something supernaturally fast is occurring under their noses. Even then, the maneuver is so fast that only someone staring directly at the user's hand during the brief period the mark is exposed could even possibly see it for what it is.

Claw Immunity - Animalism 2 , Fortitude 4 Gangrel Only 18 Experience Points to learn

Quite a number of Gangrel of the higher Generations have developed the ability to shrug off the natural claw and bite attacks of normal animals; this is not surprising considering the usefulness of the ability. Some vampires have claimed that it even provides some protection against Lupines in their wolf forms — no one has volunteered to go out and field test that assertion, however.

System: The player spends two Blood Points and specifies an animal type: Wolf, lion, steer, etc. For the remainder of the scene, the Gangrel receives extra soak dice equal to her Animalism and Fortitude Traits to resist damage from the specified animals (these dice are in addition to the vampire's usual Stamina + Fortitude, i.e. Fortitude is counted twice). Soaking the bite or claw of a wolf-form lupine may occur, at the Storyteller's discretion, but remember that even in wolf form, those creatures are not truly animals.
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A-C of Combos
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