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 Feats of Strength

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PostSubject: Feats of Strength   Tue Apr 26, 2011 6:03 pm

Strength Feats Lift
1 Crush a beer can 40 lbs.
2 Break a wooden chair 100 lbs.
3 Break down a wooden door 250 lbs.
4 Break a 2'x4' board 400 lbs.
5 Break open a metal fire door 650 lbs.
6 Throw a motorcycle 800 lbs.
7 Flip over a small car 900 lbs.
8 Break a 3' lead pipe 1000 lbs.
9 Punch through a cement wall 1220 lbs.
10 Rip open a steel drum 1500 lbs.
11 Punch through 1" sheet metal 2000 lbs.
13 Throw a station wagon 4000 lbs.
14 Throw a van 5000 lbs.
15 Throw a truck 6000 lbs.

Lifting/Breaking - Strength: The chart provides the minimum Strength needed to dead lift or break various weights without a die roll. Characters of lower Strength may roll to affect heavier weights than their Strength scores allow for. The roll is made not with Strength, but with Willpower, and is difficulty 9. Each success advances the character by one level on the chart. The Potence Discipline also adds its dots to the character's effective Strength.

Characters can work together to lift an object. This is simply a teamwork roll with the individual players rolling separately and combining any resulting successes. Lifting is all or nothing - if you fail the roll, nothing happens. At the Storyteller's discretion, your character's effective Strength may be raised if all she wants to do is drag something a short distance instead of pick it up. On a botch, your character may strain something or drop the object on her own foot.
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Feats of Strength
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