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 House Rules: Resisting Sphere Effects

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PostSubject: House Rules: Resisting Sphere Effects   Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:26 am


Mind - When a mage attempts to use the mind sphere the victim can resist with a wp roll. The rules for this are set up loosely like forces successes.

The Mage rolls arete for the mind effect, in regards to resisting, each success counts as two. On the contested roll the victim rolls WP, each success is counted as 1 success.


Tink rolls her mage's arete difficulty 5 for this rote. She gets 3 successes. Avy is resisting with her willpower, she rolls 4 successes to resist. HOWEVER since Tink rolled 3 successes, in regards to the resist it is doubled, so 6 successes are counted to overcome Avy's Willpower roll. Tink's rote effects Avy's character normally.

If Tink rolled 2 successes, and Avy rolled 5, Avy's character would resist the effect. Extended Mind effects are handled in the same way, where the Victim also rolls extended against the Mage's spell.

Life rolls are handled in the same way with rotes that alter a characters life pattern. The resist is like soaking damage. On both counts each success is counted as 1 success, and the resist trait is stamina. No Supernatural abilities, armor, or traits add to this roll (IE Fortitude). The resist is based only off of the victims base stamina trait
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House Rules: Resisting Sphere Effects
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