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 Personal Armor

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The following is an extensive list as seen in "Vampires Storytellers Companion" It details the different types of Armor available and what the difference is between them.  Remember Armor comes in different sizes, so ones stolen form Police, Guards or others may incur increased Dexterity Modifiers due to not fitting properly.

If otherwise stated body Armor is expensive and in some cases illegal. A character will need a minimum of Resources 4 to buy any. Cheaper armor is available but these are mainly display and will have severe reductions in efficiency.

Remember in modern day Society visible armor is not accepted as standard dress. It will bring as much attention to the character as if they were openly carrying a gun or sword down the streets.

Each value type the Armor give the character adds to the wearers soak dice.

Bashing Soak This value adds to the wears soak dice against bashing damage. This is also used against thrown weapons.

Melee Soak This value adds to the wears soak dice against Lethal damage form Melee attacks. This is also used against Lethal brawling attacks like Feral Claws and low velocity projectiles suck as arrows and crossbow bolts.

Bullet Soak This value adds to the wears soak dice against Lethal damage form guns. This is also used against thrown weapons.

Dexterity Penalty This is the amount the Armor reduces the wears Dexterty by when wearing the Armor. You may never reduce the Dex bellow 0

Perception Penalty This is the Amout the Armour restricts the wears Perception by when wearing the Armor. You may never refuduce the Perception bellow 0. This applies to Helmets only.

Conceal This is the amount of clothing that must be worn to properly conceal the Armor.

*W – Windbreaker or loose shirt
*J – Jacket or Suit
*T – Trench Coat
*N – No Concealing, to bulky

Type Notes Bashing Soak Melee Soak Dex Pen. Percp Pen. Conceal/Rules
Modern Protection
Reinforced Clothing A mode of dress such as Biker Leathers. Standard acceptable dress used for motor bike protection.  2 1 0 0 N/A
Armor T-Shirt Thin shirt or sweater, usually made from Kevlar worn under cloths. 2 010W
Light Ballistic Vest Bullet proof vest. Very light, not the standard for Police protection.  2 1 2 1  W
Medium Ballistic Vest Common Police type, worn over or under cloths. Comes with utility pockets & extra plates can be added.  2 (3 with extra) 1 (3 with extra) 3 (4 with extra) 1 (2 with extra) J
Flack Jacket Like the  Medium vest but covers arms. +1 against explosives  3 2 4 2 T
SWAT Jacket Special equipment. Resources 5 for civilian perches & Illegal. +1 against explosives  33 4 2 T
Riot Gear Offers full protection of the Torso and partial for the Arms and Legs.  +1 against explosives  4 4 5 3 N
Bomb Disposal Suit Heavy duty full body protection. +6 dice for explosives only.  4 4 2 3 N
Nomex suits Specialized covers Full body & head. Resources 4 to buy. Fire retardant. +3 against fire and sunlight.  0 0 0 0 W
Form Fitting Body
A full body suit made from ruthenium
polymers supported by a sensor suite that scans the surroundings and replicates the images at the proper perspectives, providing the wearer with chameleon abilities. does not count toward Armour penalties.
 2200 +3 Stealth
Lined CoatReinforced trench coat2200 N

Form Fitting Body
A full body suit That clings to the form. Can be worn under any Armour and does not count toward Armour penalties.2200 J
Archaic Armor
Composite Armor light Chain mail, Scale Mail, Studs etc.  230 1 T
Heavy Armor Chain/Ring Mail over thick padded tunic (a Gambeson) Strength 3+ to wear.  4 4 0 1 N
Full Knights Armor Minimum of Resources 4 to purchase. 3+ Strength to wear. 5 6 1 2 N
Military Helmets Can be bought at surplus stores at low cost 1 1 1 0 N
SWAT Helmet Some models have a gas mask instead of a plexiglas face shield (+2 Perception in these cases). 2 2 2 1 (3) N
Light Helmet Padded Helmet worn under a Archaic Helmet. 1 2 0 1 N
Full Helmet This is a full Archaic Helmet worn over the face and neck. 2 3 0 2 N
Armor Modifications
Worn armor can be upgraded with a range of modifications.

Chemical Protection: The application of water-resistant, nonporous, and impermeable materials helps protect the wearer against contact-vector chemical attacks Toxin Protection. For full body armor, this will also protect against inhalation-vector attacks.

Chemical Seal:
Only available to full body armor, the chemical seal is an actual airtight environmental control that takes 1 Complex Action to implement. It provides complete protection against contact and inhalation vector chemicals, and has a built-in 1-hour air supply. Fire Resistance: Fire-retardant, heat-resistant, and nonflammable materials protect the wearer against Fire damage, adding its full rating to the armor value.

Thermal fibers, insulating layers, and heatretentive materials protect the wearer against Cold damage, adding its full rating to the armor value. Nonconductivity: Electrical insulation and grounding materials protect the wearer against Electricity damage, adding its full rating to the armor value.

Shock Frills:
These strips of “fur” are electrically charged when activated, standing on end and inflicting Electricity damage to anyone that comes into contact. this modification must be used with the nonconductivity modification (so that the wearer does not get shocked). Use unarmed Combat to attack with the frills. The frills hold 10 charges; when attached to a power point, they reload one charge per 10 seconds.

Thermal Damping:
Designed to reduce the wearer’s thermal signature, inner layers capture and retain heat while outer layers maintain a surface temperature equal to the surrounding air. Thermal damping adds its rating as bonus to Infiltration Tests to avoid thermal sensors, thermographic vision, etc.
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Personal Armor
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