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 Sorcery: Divination

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PostSubject: Sorcery: Divination   Fri Jul 02, 2010 4:30 pm

Lucky numbers for the lottery, whether happiness will be found in marriage, the outcome of a crucial battle - for as long as their has been a concept of "tomorrow," people have wanted to know what would happen in the future. Rulers, merchants, generals and wizards have all said they wanted to know their fate, although they have just as often rejected that fate when apprised of it; Cassandra's fate is one that no seer worthy of the title easily forgets. Despite the perils involved, this Path is a well-traveled one.


Roll: Perception + Fortune Telling

Modifiers: +1 if using extraordinary science style (but the answers will be more precise)

Cost: None

Duration: Irrelevant

* Note: The Storyteller makes all rolls for divinations. A sorcerer rarely knows how accurate her forecasts are.


Time Period

* One week

** One Month

*** One Year

**** 10 years

***** 20 years forward, up to 100 years backward

****** Almost unlimited, in either direction


* Incredibly vague at best

** Generally accurate, but deeply cloaked in symbolism

*** Accurate, but not always explicit

**** While still cloaked in symbolsm, the truth is in there, and digging it out shouldn't be too hard

***** Your results are almost always accurate and usually easy to understand

****** You know what will happen, when it will happen and who it will happen to, without question... unless you're wrong, of course


* A very simple question (can be answered with Yes or No... but don't expect to get that simple of an answer!).

** A specific question that can be answered quickly: "Is this bridge safe?" is okay. "How are the bad guys going to attack us?" is not.

*** a query that is somewhat detailed but could be answered using publicly available knowledge, if you knew where and how to look and had the time.

**** A detailed question that requires information or details that have been hidden by time, distance or deliberate obfuscation but can still be unearthed with effort.

***** A very detailed question or one that would need access to information that has been actively guarded and hidden.

****** No question is too complex, no information too obscure.

Price of Failure

Prophecies are fraught with mischance. A failed roll could mean something as simple as "Future cloudy, try again later" or a false reading. A botched roll indicates an omen that is dangerously flawed or inaccurate in some fashion. For example, telling someone that the guards are unwary and slothful when, in fact they are an elite force of highly trained professionals.
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Sorcery: Divination
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